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by Pludoh
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I'm a writer on Hubpages. Because I know that articles can be removed, I was wondering if, as an extreme example, all my articles were to be removed, could I make a website and repost them and still rank?

This is assuming the articles are wiped from the internet, then transplanted to a new website, would this affect rank? Would the articles be tainted by the fact they have already been posted?
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    These are not PLR articles, these are published ONLY on Hubpages. I'm saying if I were to remove them myself (or they were to remove them) from Hubpages, could I still rank transplanting them if they were no longer on hubpages or anywhere on the internet AT ALL? I assume yes because people change domains all the time right?
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    I mean, do high PR sites like Hubpages have their content cached so even if it is deleted, transplanting it elsewhere won't be effective?
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      Hi Pludho,

      It's seems you're concerned about getting a, so called, 'Duplicate content penalty' from Google, so neither the old Hub Pages articles will show up nor your second showing.

      Perhaps this will help ...

      Duplicate content means content that appears more than once on the same web site. Obviously, in that case, Google will only show one copy.

      However, the identical article can appear on more than one website and all the entries will be indexed.

      Want proof?

      Here's a screen shot I took, just now, of one of my articles published on Ezine Articles some time ago. As you can see, the top three entries are all the exact same article. Check it out by putting the title in with " around it, like I have.

      Two go directly back to Ezine Articles and the third one has been 'stolen' and all references to my authorship removed - but that's another story!

      The next two entries mention the article title, also, but the link no longer leads to it. But the exact title has still been indexed by Google, further reinforcing the point.So that's five copies of the same article, on different web sites, all indexed by Google.

      Sometimes (and you've probably seen this), if there are a vast number of duplicated entries, Google will tell you it's shortened the list, but gives you the option to see the full list, by simply clicking a link.

      Warmest regards,

      Paul Hooper-Kelly
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    Excellent explanation by Paul above. I would also like to add that the domain level authority of Hubpage makes it comparatively to rank articles higher on search results than on a fresh domain to be used by you.
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    If Hubpages no longer wants your content, then there should be no reason, as the author of that content that you can't republish it on your own website/blog or Google+ page. You took the time to create the articles, so you should be able to benefit.

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    I'm not asking if I physically CAN do it.... I'm asking if Google will still rank it as if it has never been published.
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