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I own interior design site that contains 50 unique articles with text and a lot of unique pictures. For about a year.

I didn't do anything but the onsite/onpage seo. Thus my results are very shy - about 10 unique visitors a day.

This is a high competitive niche, but I guess I can increase my visitors number with some white seo ?

What would you recommend? Appreciate any advice.

I like this topic, but have very small seo experience and don't want to do harm for my "white" project!

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    You start blogging or podcasting ,you can never never go wrong with them
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    Can you please list your URL so I can take a look.

    Secondly, if you are running an interior design website which offers services why not focus on local keywords that maybe easier to rank for. For example, when I was working on an immigration website I ranked much better when I focused on keywords around "immigration lawyer Toronto" or "best immigration lawyer Toronto". Now if you are just providing advice on interior designs and have a blog then what I would do is create content focused around one local.

    Here is another example, it's widely known that Google ranks each page of your website separately. Focus on creating content around an idea like: "interior beach designs" then make it local like "interior beach designs San Diego". I hope you get the point.

    Your better ranking 1-3 pages of your website and build from there. So, write new fresh content which is up to date focusing on a specific design style but obviously do some keyword research to see how much competition and searches a word gets. Then after write content around those words and move forward from there.

    Post the URL of your website and i'll have a look...

    Waiting for your reply.
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    Hi mate! Thanks for your reply and defending my thread from those spammers

    Sorry, I can't share my site url yet.

    Will try to follow your suggestions, but what do you mean by focusing on 1-3 pages ranking?

    Should I build backlinks ? and if yes how would you suggest to build them ?

    Thanks a lot, man! waiting for any more advices, appreciate it.
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    go on social media, share the images with link to your main site on FB. join related fb groups share the interesting stuff daily. lets say 10-15 shares a day.

    Lowest Possible Price Servers-

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    For inside planning or inner part painting administration site. We have to think from the client perspective. Uncommonly when we compose any substance or when we teach individuals for our inside outlining or inner part painting administration. We have to begin utilizing some legitimate catchphrases identified with "inside" essential word. Expressions and combo of inside planning and inner part painting administration.
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    Do some local listing to target proper local audience for interior painting services. We can also target geographic keywords for local search results, it could be county name or any city name.
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    Without looking at the site, there is not a lot of -targeted- advice anyone can give.

    For product sites

    People crave visual information. See if you can provide high resolution images, IMages of the textures and materials, different angles, etc..

    Also look at these pointers for pics

    Targeting image search traffic
    Optimizing image search traffic

    Do videos if you can.
    Make a youtube channel.

    Details, details, details.
    Go all out.
    Write up good, long descriptions of the items.
    List ANYthing you can find.
    Dimensions of the items, weight, package size, delivery time, etc...

    Use schema markup
    Information --> Home -
    Tool --> Google microdata markup helper

    Good luck!
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    It depends. When you say interior design site, are you saying that the site shares good interior designs or is the site trying to sell interior designing services?

    Assuming that the content is already good enough and the images will convert your traffic to customers then the first step in all this is to analyze where your potential customers are hanging out.

    This could mean they type in the key phrase "interior design services CITY". This could mean they hang out in local forums in a certain section. This could mean they have a group or are very easy to find in Facebook or other social networking sites.

    Structuring the layout, design, services and pretty much everything else on your customer is key if you want your site to be successful in its tenure.

    Let me know if you need more information.
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    my 2 cent: Upload high quality interior design images to top photo sharing sites like Flickr.
    From 64-85% Viewers are More Likely to Buy After Watching a Product Video.
    We Offer Professional Animated Explainer Video Creation + Youtube Marketing Services
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