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Hi, I'm very much new to internet marketing and don't know anything about AdWords. Here is my situation and question.

I'm an article writer/marketer. Some of my articles are published on a site where I am not allowed to put a "resource box" or "bio box" or anything with a link in it. I've written some articles about a product (physical product, not IM or MMO, actually it's green tea). Can I buy an advertisement on this article site (yes, they have many Google Ads on their site, these look like Google AdWords to me, it says, "Ads by Google) on the page that my article is on? If so, please help me figure out how.

My objective is to write this informative article about something that can help people, and then give them a place where they can go and buy the green tea that will help them. (It's not weight loss, it has to do with ORAC, anti-oxidants. Basically, ORAC's are good for you.)

This seems to be the "only" way to link people with the article and a place to go get this fantastic product. My website to get this product to be precise.

Otherwise, I think I'm sunk. This article publisher site is very reputable (No, it's no Ezine Articles) and actually I get paid to write articles for them, but, I really want people to be able to get my product and from me. (My margin is quite small, but I believe in this product, I use it and it works for me and many other people.)

If you can help me I will be very grateful.

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    Hey Palo,

    Not a dumb question when you are new and simply don't know. The answer is, yes.

    However, if you can't put any sort of link at all, you might want to think about taking it elsewhere. Almost anywhere. Squidoo, hubpages, blogger, etc., etc.
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    Or you can invest in a $10 dollar domain and go with Blogger, so you don't link build for nothing.
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      Thank you to the people who responded to my question.

      I apologize, I was not clear in my question.

      1. I have a site where I sell a physical product (not MMO, or IM, it's green tea)
      2. I am writing articles on an Article Publishing Site that does not allow a "bio box" or any links. The reason is because they pay authors for their articles. I do submit articles to other sites where I can have a bio box, and links.
      3. I do not, at this time, have an Adwords account.
      4. When I get an Adwords Account, can I specify the exact page I would like to place an Ad for my product? I want to put the ad on the page where my article is published. My objective is to have an option for people reading the article to go get more information about my product or purchase it. There are other Google Ads on the article pages. They have 2 blocks of Google Ads, minimum of 3 Ads in each block.
      5. IF I can specify the page I'd like my Ad on, please point me in the direction of the instructions on how to do this. I went to Google Adwords Help. I read about "Placement" it really did not answer this question. It says you can place on a URL or "subset".

      There are no Ads for my product on this site so this may be a wonderful opportunity.

      Thanks again and if I'm still not clear, please ask questions.


      No sig today.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. Okay, so you are paid to write those articles, no wonder you're not allowed to have any links. I suggest you write MORE articles and submit them elsewhere. Depending on your market, try to do some thorough keyword research.

    You'll want to know if any web2.0 properties show up on the 1st, 2nd and or 3rd page when you do a search for a particular keyword. If you do, you'll have problems. If you don't, you might be alright. If you see multiple (like 3+) of web2.0 properties/sites showing up on the first page, you may want to change to a new keyword. Remember to always check and see if the keyword even gets a lot of searches before spending your time and money.

    As for your question in #4, yes, you can specify the exact page you want to target for a particular site >>>HOWEVER<<< this can only happen IF they allow that! That means that the site's Google ad block must also say "Advertise on this site".

    Since you didn't mention seeing that, more than likely they don't have that enabled. Sorry to burst your bubble. Again, promote your articles elsewhere.

    Let me know if you need anything else clarified.
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