40%+ CTR, but no sales from CB?????

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I recently setup two websites for two different CB products (2 different niches..one in the weight loss area and another for skin care). I submitted some articles to the Ezine and GoArticles and was getting decent amount of traffic to both of my presell pages. I'm also getting traffic from the search engines as well.

Now, my problem is that I can't seem to get any conversions. People are coming to site and then clicking through my link to the CB page. However, so far I have yet to get a sale from either of these niches. My CTR is always hovering around 40%+ for people clicking from presell page to the CB product page. So to me it seems that my presell page is at least convincing them to move to the CB page, but conversions. I even changed the product for one site since I thought maybe it was priced too high, but that has not worked out either.

For all you CB pros, what can I do to get some conversions? I have had about 200+ hops so far to my CB pages in the past week. Could it be my presell page or is it the CB page that is contributing to the lack of conversions?

Any advice would be helpful.
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    Yes, I need this kind of advices too.
    I have 220+ hops on my blogs but no sale :s
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    don't worry too much cause it's just a matter of time. When I first set up my affiliate site for a physical product, I had over 200 clicks to the merchant and it was for the exact product they were searching for but still no sales. Sales did come after though.
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    40% CTR and no sales? That tells me one thing - you are selling the products well but the products themselves are not closing the deal. It may soon be time to look into another ClickBank offer(s). Perhaps your chosen products have shoddy landing pages or something about these products is just turning off the customers you are successfully sending through.

    Having said that, I set my gauges on 1 sale for every 200 clicks (each product), and I wait for 600 or so click thrus before making any decision on the product's viability. So you may want to wait a while before making a judgment call.
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    How many visitors do you have?
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    200 hops is nothing. wait till you get at least 400 hops per product and see if you get any sales. where are you getting the clicks from?

    weight loss and skin care are shit converters on CB.
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    You may want to consider marketing your own product, if you have that capability.
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      Originally Posted by George Dube View Post

      The assumption that, once you set up offers and people will click and buy immediately is flawed...
      Take CPA offers for instance, the EPC is so low, based on the number of clicks without conversions... I've had serious discussions with Affiliate managers at most CPA networks to really understand why people were not even taking up "free" offers... until I came across the Stompernet NetEffect... put everything into perspective.

      In a nutshell, your landing page needs to have highly converting content, and even then, there's no guarantee you will convert significantly... as in all other online marketing initiatives, it pays to have a landing page with an auto-responder... (nothing has changed as far as relationship building since the advent of web2.0 sites etc.)

      But to anticipate sales based on affiliate creative on your site each time someone lands on your page, is, to put it mildly, sad.

      The economy is tanking, people are weary of purchasing stuff off the net with their credit cards... and with whatever little they have... and you just have to create relationships... then maybe... and it will always be a maybe...they will buy.

      Just because Frank Kern claims he's breaking bank etc... does not mean he doesn't do autoresponders...people buying from him are loyal long standing customers...

      My 2cents' worth...
      This post deserves an Amen!!
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    Many people are saying that Clickbank is also cheating on affiliates, and not registering the sales made through their hops
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    I've seen the same thing happen on some of the PPC offers I've promoted...

    Nowadays I'll always ask the question "Is this product the natural choice for someone with this problem?"...

    For example.. in the affiliate marketing niche an ebook or video course IS the natural choice.. it is an information product arena. Same with personal development or something like world of warcraft...

    However in the weight loss niche or acne niche a Clickbank based info product is NOT the natural choice. For acne the natural choice is a pill, cream or visit to the dermatoligist. For weight loss you encounter a similar problem...

    The thing is when people are searching for a solution they tend to go for the easiest, fastest, most effortless solution. People are lazy by nature so they're always looking for the most direct route to solving their problems. In niches were health problems are concerned an ebook is almost never the most direct solution so your fighting an up hill battle.

    Not to say that all ebooks in these niches aren't succesful, that couldnt be further from the truth. All i'm saying is it's not the "natural" solution.
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    Agreed with George Dube very much.

    When you're just brokering traffic for which you don't get paid, that's normal that you get little to no return. Consider building lists on your sites and building a relationship with the subscribers. Sure it's so much more work, but that way you would have something that at least resembles a business and it will grow, you will make more and more sales with the same effort in the long run.

    In other words, you get paid for making sales. A pre-sell page is a poor way of making sales. Yes, it's easy and yes it works to some extent, but if you want more sales, improve your sales process. Most people just work as traffic brokers (if I'm using the term correctly) for which, again I want to emphasize, they don't even get paid.


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