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I need your advice or thoughts about something..

Here's a scenario..

I have an 8 pages website that was already launched and fully functioning.. But at some point only 4 of my pages are indexed by Google as seen on the web master tool.. Would it be fine to do Optimization like creating backlinks on some pages that are not yet indexed? If in case I would do backlinking could this affect my website? Or is it better to do backlinking when they got indexed?

Hope to hear from you guys.. thank you WF..
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    hi there. well u better start doing off-page SEO. try backlinks ,guest comments and others. it'll automatically index in your other pages soon then.
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    How long has it been since you built your website? Usually my pages get indexed within a week. I don't wait until my pages get indexed to start building backlinks to them. Usually when I send links to my non-indexed pages they get indexed faster.
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    Thank you for your replies. It seems it wont hurt me if I'll do backlinking on some pages that aren't indexed yet.. I better start on those.. lol
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