Returning to the SEO game after 3 years gone, what have I missed?

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So 3+ years ago I was pretty knowledgeable about SEO and had actually gotten a few of my sites on page 1 of Google for some low/medium competition keywords that I was going for. That's not much of a grand accomplishment but it was something at least.

But, that's a long time ago and I know that one of the biggest aspects that changes over time in IM is SEO. I keep hearing about Panda and Penguin and have read a bit about them and other things, but I was just wanting to ask you all what you think are the most changes I should be aware of, things I should know, or really awesome reading material that I can use to get caught up to speed and back in the game. Thanks!
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    Sorry to bump my own thread, but any advice?
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      Originally Posted by stewie-Y View Post

      Sorry to bump my own thread, but any advice?
      Nothing is the same as it was 3 years ago... I would advice you to read a LOT of topics here or in another forum and be sure to be up-to-date with SEO before you start working again!

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    The entire SEO process has undergone a lot of changes in 3 years. At that time ranking was just as easy as write an article, spin it 1000 times and submit to 1000 article directories with backlink and your are on top. If you do it now, your site will vanish out of google. Because those sort of loopholes has been fixed by Penguin and Panda updates. In addition to this for the last 2 years google does MANUAL PENALTY on websites ranking in page 1, if they found anchor text misuse, high percentage of dofollow links, duplicate contents and more.

    However few people the ranking more easily now by

    1) Writing unique contents
    2) Getting high authority links (links from reputed sites in same niche, combination of both dofollow and nofollow)
    3) Niche directory links (generic directory links does not help anymore)
    4) Viral Infographic submissions
    5) Video creation and submission
    6) Social media promotion

    In present situation you should not target particular keyword for all your anchor texts. 3 years back up to 40 % was safe, but now more than 10% backlink in same keyword is not safe. Do not buy any sort of bulk links packages as if they are not penalized yet, they will penalized soon. Lot of Guest blog networks including the big ones like myblogguest are penalized and lot of link selling networks are penalized and deindexed. You should try to do everything manually. If it is too difficult, hire some freelancers to do it for you. Ensure that your freelancer does not do anything without your knowledge.

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    That's a good question stewie-Y. To make a long story short you haven't really missed anything because Google continues to update their serach engine with the names of different animals. Also there is another thing that always has and always will reign true within the realm of internet marketing. And that is "good old fashioned high quality content". Cheers!
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      Well I can sum up link building changes this way.

      Almost everything you saw selling or suggested in WSOs three years ago is now negative SEO.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. From what you've mentioned and what I've already read, it seems that a lot of the old gimmicky and "spammy" ways don't work at all anymore. If that's the case then I welcome it because back then it was all about spamming tons of sites with your link, never changing anchor text, etc.
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    Link is still the most important factor in Google's algorithm and Google's spam team still has the same mission 3 years ago which is to try and rank trustable and worthy websites.

    The SEO techniques I see 2 years ago and now still revolves around the same thing. Not much has changed.
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      Originally Posted by seoace View Post

      Link is still the most important factor in Google's algorithm and Google's spam team still has the same mission 3 years ago which is to try and rank trustable and worthy websites.

      The SEO techniques I see 2 years ago and now still revolves around the same thing. Not much has changed.
      What about using Web 2.0 pages as shields for boosting money site while building low-quality links to Web 2.0 pages? Does this method still work?
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    I had been in the SEO world since 2008, so I am aware of what worked before. Truth be told, there are different "ways" to get ranked before, but that is no longer the topic which catches our attention.

    Here is my advice for someone who "wants to try" manual "promotion" type of activities:

    Originally Posted by sonjay View Post

    "If you are going manual, at least outsource some tasks to speed up the process."

    Step 1: Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis, Competition Analysis

    1.1. Answer these questions:

    > How do I describe what I offer or sell?
    > How do my main competitors describe what they offer or sell?

    1.2. Use tools for evaluation:
    > or similar Google-scrapers for relevant / related keywords
    > Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    Essentially, you are looking for keywords with enough search volume and relatively low competition.

    Prioritize working on keywords in batches of 10 to 15.

    1.3. Depending on what you want to accomplish, and to speed up populating your whole website, just create webpages below 10 or even below 5.

    Make sure that you use each 2 to 3 keywords from your initial list, in the title tags and / or webpage file name. For this purpose, WordPress as the CMS will be the number choice.

    1.4. Make sure that you have unique, extensive content of about 1,000 words in each webpage, better if backed by research data from authority websites like Wikipedia or online news sources. I found out that it does not hurt if you actually link your content to authority content providers within your field.

    STEP 2: Create At Least One Other Relevant Website

    In most cases, this has really come to this.

    Purchase a domain name to be developed into a website of broader category than (or similar to) the one to be promoted. If possible, purchase a domain name that already has Google-PageRank and traffic. I personally use PR Powershot for this step.

    2.1. WordPress as backend shall be installed. For ONPAGE OPTIMIZATION FACTORS, the All-in-One SEO Package shall be installed and utilized.

    2.2. Earlier, we have selected 10 keywords. The first keyword in the list will be used in the TITLE of the HOME PAGE.

    2.3. The 2nd to the 10th keywords will each be used as TITLE of PAGEs. Pages will be created by just using the dashboard menu of WordPress.

    I mainly modify articles with private label rights (PLR) which I get from a membership-website which has not failed me, or I just describe what should be expected from the particular PAGE. Some of the pages will contain an uploaded image, containing one of the 10 keywords as the image name and alt tag attribute.

    2.4. Populate the website with 5 to 8 posts, 800- to 1,000- word article in every post. Use PLR articles which are modified about 30%. Including some curated content also helps.. to do this, set up Google Alerts and / or visit news websites like CNN, BBC, and the like.

    2.5. Modify the footer area to contain links pointing to:

    > a permanent webpage of or a search query webpage ( )use anchor text here
    > webpage from a news website or information website (.edu / .gov); also use anchor text here
    > the website being promoted; don't use anchor text in this link, just naked URL

    2.6. Install the Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) plugin for WordPress. In summary, this plugin automatically posts to different social sites whenever a post is published in the WordPress-based self-hosted website. I connected Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and StumbleUpon here; social sites I am active in.

    2.7. Install other plugins according to what must be achieved, like tracking.

    STEP 3. Enroll Your Relevant Website into Fightback Platform

    This way, FBack subscribers will then help in populating the extra website with relevant content. Every FBack member is also entitled to submit guest-posts to theme-related websites. This is how you will get high quality and contextual and very relevant backlinks.. all of which are necessary to dramatically move a website's rankings upwards.

    This is the closest you can get to having a private blog network, a network of self-hosted, paid websites.. that you can have access to. FBack only works when WordPress sits on the TOP LEVEL DOMAIN, so we are sure to get access to more websites and not just sub-domains.

    Having FBack at our disposal is also as natural as we can get, in our efforts to attract traffic from search engines, primarily from Google. Why? Because when a guest post with a backlink is published, the owner of this guest post will generate backlinks and / or traffic towards this guest post.

    STEP 4: Get Other Links

    However, a good backlink must not be the only backlink. To complete this methodology, we need other backlinks coming from different websites (variety), and with different types (diversity).

    4.1. Set up your own Web 2.0 Network or "announcement chain" of websites, on a where-and-when-applicable basis:
    > Ezinearticles
    > Scribd
    > Blogspot
    > Facebook
    > YouTube
    > Google+
    > Twitter
    > Linkedin

    Use older accounts and pen name(s) for Ezinearticles. Just connect to one another what can be connected.

    4.2. Use your Fightback Subscription to get backlinks pointing directly (tier 1 backlinks) to the homepage URL of the website you want to make money from (the money site).

    4.3. Use bookmarks, documents sharing websites, wiki webpages, government and authority redirects, statistics and monitoring websites, pinging websites - once a week for your website pages, and for 70% to 80% of your tier-ones mostly.

    STEP 5. Do What the Competition is Doing

    5.1. Try to convey your competitors' message in such a way that it has never been said / presented before.

    5.2. Use competition checking tools like and backlinks checkers. Your on-the-page (onsite optimization) factors must only be next to conversion (how to make your visitors respond to your content or promotion). Try to get similar type of backlinks linking to competitors' websites, from exact sources or similar.

    OPTIONAL STEP 6. Troubleshooting

    I use to know my website visitors. I use to monitor rankings. These kinds of tracking tools must be in place for you to be able to decide if you need to do something more.

    Usually, the methodology I shared here may already be considered as a "surefire" way to getting ranked at the first page of search results, provided that this is implemented at a minimum of 2 full runs in 2 months, and that the competition level is below 0.7 according to Google calculations. But I only have a smaller data-set compared to companies offering related services, so my claims here only involve the niches or audiences which I have data for. Here is what I do for troubleshooting:

    6.1. If the niche proved to be a competitive one, meaning I can't move keywords upwards after 30 days, I get another domain with Google-PageRank higher than the first tier-1 site, and set up this new one like the previous steps, this time covering new relevant keywords.

    6.2. Follow through with all the steps, making sure that I include 70% of all first-batch backlinks. For example, only 70% of the backlinks earlier generated shall be submitted to pinging websites, or create another tier of links for 70% of the first-round backlinks.

    6.3. Utilize press releases. Do this by creating a news-type of article by focusing on topics like unique selling point of the business, or the recent business-related actions of decision-makers, or a call for applicants for open jobs.

    This should be well-coordinated with the appropriate personnel-in-charge. Press releases generate short-term traffic boosts which impact rankings. These troubleshooting steps should do the trick of getting visits from organic search results.


    If you want me to get involved, just send me pm for affiliate links. I will add value to your expenditure by rendering services and providing other resources.

    However, the more important things you have to make a part of your "make-money principles":

    1. This is a business you are building. The best way will not always be the cheapest or fastest way.

    2. Taking action is absolutely necessary. This is a very important reminder especially for online earners, given the amount of information and distraction we receive daily in our efforts to establish our business. I know there is a lot of preaching and motivating and pushing happening around us to help us make things happen, but the point is really to implement what we have learned!
    That pretty sums up the core strategy which has helped my clients' and my own websites receive first page rankings.
    500+ Leads | Quality Traffic
    choose target location
    choose industry
    according to your needs
    for your business or offers
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    there are lot of changes. in short, you need quality content and make it viral. add social media, the strong social media existance, the stronger sm profile the strong Serp ranking.

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    Now a day Blogging has changed a lot if we have a do a niche then we must explore many new SEO techniques and if you do high page ranks link building sites then you can have a nice results go man you can make wounder too now if you started
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    You missed three pets of Google - Pand, penguin and Hummingbird. LOL
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