Question About Domain Age and Authority that racks my brain!

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Dear Warriors and SEO Experts,

i have a question about Domain Authority and Content Marketing and I would appreciate sharing your experiences or giving a recommendation.

Here are some details to get an idea about my situation:

- I'm in the Network Marketing niche and run a blog since Nov 2013. I've created around 175 blog posts (120 of them are search engine optimized as well as I can ). I give my best to share always valuable content. For monetization I promote an affiliate program in this niche.

- For a long time I was using the free SEO-Plugin Blogger high (it's like a SEOPressor clone) to optimize my articles and get an indication.

- The Results: Around 40 of my articles are in the TOP 100 SERPS and only 5 on the first page.

- Last week I switched this plugin and use now SEO Pressor. My plan is to go over every article and optimize it to get a good SEO Pressor Score.

- To get an idea what other plugins I also use: Yoast, All-in-one SEO, WP-Optimize, sharebar, Plugins to increase loading speed and for Lead Generation: Optin Monster

- Backlink Strategy: Between February and May 2014 I used Magic Submitter Software with to create backlinks for each blog post. I checked the links with ahrefs, built up 6.500 backlinks, but after the last Google Update there are only 2.5k remaining.

- Then I outsourced the link building by using a few gigs on fiverr, but nothing worked well t with significant results.

- For social signals I use Addmefast and likenation with iMacros

Target: I want to get better rankings and organic traffic with my blog (of course ).


Now, I'm not sure what's affecting more.

Am I getting bad rankings because of my young domain age (8 months) or because of lack of domain authority?

Any suggestions what I should focusing on now?

- Creating backlinks manually (for my root domain) to get more authority? OR
- Should I purchase Backlink Packages on the warrior forum (please share your expierence / recommendations please J ) OR
- Should I focus on creating lots of social signals on each and every blog post OR
- Or do I get more domain authority automatically when I keep creating 5-6 blog posts each week?

- And: Do you think it's worth the effort to update and optimize every article for SEO Pressor?

I hope that's not too much for my first post and I'm so grateful for every little tip or help that you are willing to give here. And i think every person who's reading this thread and is new in SEO will be grateful as well...


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    You are getting bad ranking because you are doing SEO like it was five years ago. throwing thousands of spam links from fiverr, magic submitter, senuke etc no longer work long term and in some serps not at all

    In fact you are probably doing NEGATIVE SEO on some of your sites.

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      Hi stefausfranken,

      I think you can just drop the notion of "domain authority", it doesn't seem to be real or at least not measurable in any meaningful way that I, nor any one else that I know of, can detect.

      The whole notion of domain authority was generated from a survey question sent to webmasters by Rand Fishkin about a decade ago asking if they "felt" it was an influence in ranking. After seeing many responses from webmasters that believed it might be a factor, Rand began blogging about it as if it was in fact a real factor. Many SEO experts did not agree and it remained a bit of a controversial topic.

      However, once Fiskin started collecting data in an attempt to measure domain authority he admitted that it was not measurable in any way outside of the homepage authority, which in essence is just "page authority", not domain authority. Rather than kill off the notion completely he made the decision to call homepage authority "domain authority" within his Moz tools (perhaps to save face for being so wrong about it), and the myth lives on to this day.
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