Which is more important: domain age, page rank, optimization

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I know many will say its a combination of all three but if you had to choose...

Using Market Samarai to evaluate a niche, I found one I would like, but most of the top 10 pages have 3+ age and pagerank. However the pages for the keywords are not optimized at all - nothing, no url, title, desc. And many only have 300 links or less. Would anyone try to break into a niche like this?
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    Optimization is the most important. Focus on optimization and you will beat your competitors that didnt do it correctly even if they have a little higher PR or Domain Age.
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    i would think that backlinks are the most important aspect to get your page ranked higher. the more backlinks you have the more important google will evaluate your page
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      Optimization! Because, it's the only one of the three you can control.

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        i'm just a newbie, but i'd have to agree with all the folks above. and especially since it is the only thing you can control.

        as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
        What would you do IF you could do it?
        After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo ingles."
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    from what I have been able to gather backlinks are the most important.

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      Market samarai give you a good idea of whether to attack that particular phrase or not.

      You are looking for weak competition in a good phrase.

      PR, Age, and backlinks are weighted by google, but if you see others with weak PR and age you may have a better shot at getting into the top 10.

      MS shows you that the others are NOT targeted for on page SEO.

      DO that and get a few backlinks - which are fairly easy.

      Also gogle tends to favor results that have the phrase in the URL, not necessarily the domain, but page name domain.com/seo-phrase works well also, though not as well as seo-phrase-domain.com

      Anyway, do those and you should be able to break the top 10 in time especially if your backlinks use the seo-phrase as the link text.

      Just my opinion mixed with some experience.

      Market Samarai is an interesting tool, but can be a bit cumbersome and also confusing at times. My favorite part right now is the seo competition like you mentioned since it tells me where I have a better chance at cracking the top 10.

      Most all of my sites have ended in top 3 for most of my keywords. So I must occasionally so something right

      Google Suggest Domain Name Tool * find natural search domains
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    I've had niche sites with a brand new domain rank in hours, Its definitely the Optimization which gets you up in the ranks.

    The only real benefit I've seen from Page Rank is that a link from a high PR site can help with indexing of a new site,

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  • None of them are most important. What matters is TRAFFIC and TARGETED converting customers. I have a site that is about 10 years old. I do just fine with it. And 90% of the traffic comes from other sites.

    Organic Search is great... but you don't have to have it to make money. And PageRank means nothing more than Google knows about you and is not penalizing you. Optimization is guesswork. Domain age is a ranking factor but if you don't have it what are you going to do about it?
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      This is going to be my first crack at just having a single landing page going to the salespage of a product I'm promoting. All of my other websites are content.

      I'm going to get domain names for each of my keywords and create a landing page and optimize it. Can I have the same landing page for each keyword or should I change it?



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