is anybody using FCS networker?

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I saw this new SEO tool FCS networker and they aim at building tier 1 links from Web 2.0 and bookmarking sites.

Has anyone used it?
What are your views on the product?
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    Used to use it and it was pretty decent but Nowadays most people like to mix in their own PBNs and FCS networker is very limited in what it can do (unless it has had a major upgrade.

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    but can it really submit to those high PR web 2.0 sites?
    can it give you those 12000 links per month that they claim?
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    Yes, you can build that many links with it each month. You need to create the accounts with it first. Not all of the accounts that you can make with the account creator are worthwhile for me, but I do find that enough of them are to make it useful for me.
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      Originally Posted by Vickcarty View Post

      Do you think it is worth for tier 1 link building
      Why would you want 12,000 junk links pointing to your site?

      Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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        Originally Posted by Icematikx View Post

        Why would you want 12,000 junk links pointing to your site?
        They are not junk links, they are do follow contextual links from high authority web 2.0 sites.
        If you are sick of the this space!
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    FCS networker is able to create accounts succesfully on about 50-55 paltforms at max, it`s suports a bit more but you must create accounts yourself and then import to it.

    For now FCS is the best web 2.0 automatic tool, has many features. Of course in case of top competition phrases it can`t be the only source of 1st tier backlinks, you should support your project with some PBN`s backlinks as well otherwise it will not looks natural cos you will need a lot of such backlinks, but if you have plenty of time boosting them slowly with tiers should empower them in time and you could see big improvment in your ranks. But those web 2.0 should consists of many posts, and you should avoid posting on them more than 1-2 times to your project. It must looks natural. Make a posts with links to some authority sites and after some period of time lower tiers backlinks will boost them a lot, and then your positions will increase a lot if you do it propertly. Vary everything as much as possible, backlinks sources, anchors etc. It`s cruicial.

    I have their higher package with 30,000 posts/month and this what I can say (I have over 10,000 blogs at the moment) at the 20-25 of the month my limit ends (:, I need more, so if you are asking me they can submit 12,000 articles/month - I could say - EASILY, their performance is fantastic.
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    Thanks friends for this wonderful wonderful infirmation.
    I've got my reply.
    I'll buy FCS fir tier 1 and GSA SER for tier 2
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