Blog commenting for links, worth it?

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Is blog commenting still a good strategy for link building?
Do the links usually carry any weight?

I always get that spammy feeling, no matter how relevant the comments are. Does google feel the same way?
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    I don't think that blog comments will help you to get your site ranked.

    Blog comments are mostly used by negative seo
    Blog comments are mostly nofollow

    I would avoid it. Yeah, it's great to get "some" referral traffic, but that's about it.
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      Most comments are no follow anyway so dont worry about it

      Treat it like how this forum works. It ranks pretty well, sends traffic to your site via your signature or profile. Does it hurt? Does it work?

      You might get indirect effects like links from people that discover your site.

      Treat your comments with care. Actually read the damn post and comment with good insight. The blog owner will usually reward you and comment on your site and link out to you sometimes. That's extra branding/mention/exposure. So indirectly, it can help your SEO. If you just want quick ranking links and dont want to work, then you are in the wrong year.

      Good luck!
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      online only

      Dear fellow, then what to do?
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    i think comments won't have a function of ranking ,but it can help attract
    the people to find your websites .i sometimes recommend my website kingsbuying.
    but it really attract some peoples to visit
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    I think you can boost your traffic by blog commenting, But i won't work for ranking in Google.
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    I think blog comments are fantastic, the same principle rings true every time I give my opinion. Google likes blog comments, why? it offers a great opportunity to get some opinionated content that may actually answer the users question or back-up the content above it. If you can still find blogs(usually old but still active and there really is little) that haven't moved across to nofollow it's a great way and can very powerful in my opinion. The problem is, once a nice blog is found even if you keep quiet, competitors find it, lurkers find it, copy cat that stalk you find it, it justs a matter of time.


    Up until about a month ago I had a great reputation built up on a site that offers lovely content about a clients site. I picked out my targets(few previously rated PR2/3/4 post) and got them published with a reference link to my clients site. It perfectly normal and I think google would still like include them as a good weight to their backlink algo, but can't because of poop heads who spam the crap out of them or are not clever enough to create a REAL image.
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    I think that blog comments are effective for traffic but after google panda updates it is less valuable for google ranking. Its better that with blog comment quality backlinks can be very effective for your site ranking and traffic.
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    It's not going to help you with SEO much, and I don't think it's good for much else, either.

    I can make better use of my time with true content marketing. That is, writing content that is relevant to my niche and marketing it to people who are passionate about my niche. Some of those people own blogs of their own. There are so many strategies that work that it doesn't really make sense to me to spend time commenting on blogs. Besides, a lot of people automatically assume that any link in a blog post is spam.

    One reason that I might comment on a blog is if I want to establish a relationship with the blog owner. Oftentimes, a soft lead-in is more effective than sending them an email with a proposition.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Originally Posted by fashiononline View Post

    Is blog commenting still a good strategy for link building?
    Do the links usually carry any weight?

    I always get that spammy feeling, no matter how relevant the comments are. Does google feel the same way?
    I don't think you can get any benefit out of blog commenting. But, engaging with other niche bloggers will surely help you gain a reputation if you provide something useful. Rest is just useless. You will just get traffic that too if you have a compelling blog content. Else forget everything.
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    They are a good source of traffic and back links as long as you use quality and strong blogs to post your comments and as long as your comments are not just to spam your link, rather you need to be engaged with the blog post your commenting at.
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    Blog commenting is better one in off page seo strategies, once you will get links from .edu and .gov links
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    Blog commenting can definitely boost your website's traffic and referrals but won't help in increasing your rank on major search engines.
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    I would agree that commenting on forums and blogs is good to generate some traffic or get emails, but I don't see them as a good source to get backlinks, especial quality ones
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    Originally Posted by fashiononline View Post

    Is blog commenting still a good strategy for link building?
    Do the links usually carry any weight?

    I always get that spammy feeling, no matter how relevant the comments are. Does google feel the same way?
    Yeah Blog Comment don't work for SEO but high quality blog comment definitely work well. Though it is No-follow bot Google always suggest creating link in those site who pass Page rank.
    A good blog comment can rank your keyword but it have to 100% related to your keyword/site. Low OBL and High DA, PA and TF & CF.


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    It is useful only to get some direct traffic and for brand recognition. And the main thing is with, what search you are using. Because google is not only search engine, there are many.

    Blogger in key difference

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    Still now, blog comments have a good value for Page Rank as well as Keywords Rank.
    Just leave comments on those sites/blog that's niche is related to you.
    Try to comments on dofollow blog.
    Try to comments on CommentLuv enabled WordPress Blog
    Try to leave a valuable comments because there is a big chance to get huge referral traffic.
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    The long time, I have not post a blog posting for my site. Blog site give nofollow links. so It is not beneficial for the site. but nofllow links will help to increase traffic on the site.
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    So many great answers here. Thanks a lot guys!

    When I do comment on blogs, I always make sure they are 100% relevant, interacting with the blog post, and do my outmost not to spam.
    In some comment sections, it lets you put your name and website address (and a few I've seen are dofollow). If I fill this in, and write a good(/relevant) comment, it has to count for something, right?
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    I think, blog comments are worth and also useful to get good quality backlinks,
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    i haven't seen any referral traffic from commenting, because now this is closely linked to spam.
    better do guest blogging, ask the owner to write for him and put your links in the resources box.

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