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Hello ! I'm Norman, and i'm doing videos. I try to find a way to promote my video on the web and i'm searching for tips or advices by your community. Please feel free to share your opinions ! Thank you.

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    I'm blown away.

    Fantastic music. Fantastic video.

    The good news. You have what few inexperienced marketers possess: a rock solid product with limitless potential. The bad news. Getting exposure is an uphill climb from day one, and a long climb.

    I'm just at the end of a long day here, so what I'll do is lay down a few suggestions for now, but return to your thread and perhaps add a great deal more insight. And, given your video, I'm positive other folks will chip in as well.

    Plan + Optimize

    You need 4 plans:

    1. Business Plan.
    2. Marketing Plan.
    3. Branding Plan.
    4. Development (Website) Plan.

    The general aim of the above is to lay out how you intend to brand yourself in the market, expand awareness by way of marketing, and how those two tie in with your business model and eventual website, which you really need pronto if you haven't got one already.

    On the heels on those plans, you need to think optimization. In essence, you need to work on how to convert listeners to followers, engaged followers, subscribers, and indeed purchasers. I'm being brief here (more to it than that) but you get the picture.


    Growing an audience on YT (and other video platforms) is relatively easy for musicians with a rock-solid product behind them, which you most certainly do. Start out by branding your channel, learning how to search optimize that channel and your videos, and, in essence, all you can about video marketing.

    Behind your site and your YT videos, you should setup platforms on key social networks, and use those platforms to not only grow your audience but to leverage engagement on your music videos and anything else you share.

    Cliff Notes


    1. Those Mentioned Plans
    2. Web Development
    3. Youtube "&" Video Marketing In General
    4. Social Marketing


    - FB
    - G+
    - Twitter
    - Myspace
    - Last.FM
    - Tumblr
    - Instagram

    The above doesn't even come close to scratching the surface. Big hill for you to climb. I hope it gives you some food for thought, though.

    Now I'm off to listen to that song again.

    Cheers! - Tom

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    a community is a two-way conversation. A living, breathing thing. Extremely interactive. Social. Sure, some people just watch or read, but many also participate and share with their friends.
    Here the keys that I’ve learned from building up our RISE Community. The community now includes over 100,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, forward-thinkers, etc. plus a healthy blend of sponsors.
    1-Post Daily Content for Continued Growth
    2-Increase Exposure of your Communities With Social Buttons
    3-Run a Launchrock Campaign
    4-Leverage Social Reviews to Automate Word of Mouth Marketing
    5-Experiment With Different Titles in Your Blog Posts
    6-Create Micro Content
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    2 Great answers ^ there, IMHO. Tom Addams said his post "doesn't even come close to scratching the service"- That's true, but at the same time he gave you a lot to go on and think about. Get started with those ideas and then stick around talk some more about your next steps.

    I'm a Professional Social Media Manager at BELIEVE Social. I specialize in authentic social media posting and engagement. I am available for hire- WSO here: Full Service, Affordable Social Media Plans for Business and Branding , but I truly enjoy talking and sharing free tips and thoughts- That's what being social is all about! sales@believesocial.com

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      First off I just wanna say congratulations on that fantastic music video. Without a great product you'd have no shot. But now to take your great product and share it with the masses you will need traffic, and lots of it!

      Kudos to Tom for his answer. Tom suggested 4 Plans for you to make, I would suggest you take his advice on that. Your business plan will help lay the groundwork for everything else so get that done asap. I would also say get your website up asap. It doesn't need to be perfect now but it does need to be online now. You should be developing it throughout the process so that when you're done (are we ever really done?) it will be how it needs to be to go along with the plans you have.

      Since you already have a Facebook page up make sure you post EVERY SINGLE DAY at least once, but why not make a point to make yourself post twice daily? I would also suggest you write a post twice a week that you link to your music video. The last thing I'd say is ask your customers to share your links. Always. Give Tom's answer another read and you should be good.

      Hope that helps.

      Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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    HI !

    First of all i wanna say thank you guys. Your help is very important to me, because sometimes, when you try to do everything by yourself, you loose your focus.
    I keep thinking about solutions to make our videos more succesfull.
    Keep sharing ! You are the experts. Thank you ...
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