FB Messenger is upping their game - taking advantage of it yet?

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Did you know that FB Messenger now gives businesses several new ways to service customers?


discussed that today - they include:

Using Messenger for Customer Service

Promoting Your Business with Messenger Usernames, Links, Codes, and Greetings

I vaguely remember the "messenger code", aka:
"To get the messenger code, go to your Facebook page admin and look for the message inbox. You should find a round-shaped icon at the bottom left-hand corner containing the code.

When you click the icon, a screen appears that presents the code, an option to download it, and a quick demo of how it works.

You can share your code with fans and followers using it as your profile image, in a page post, on your website, in an ad, on business cards, store signage, or just about anywhere you can think of."
Are you using this?
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