Campaign Results Change Over Night

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Edit: There are also people reporting after speaking with their FB reps that there was an update on 11/15/2016 but they will not say what the update was or what it affected.

Has anyone had their results and Result Rate % change drastically? I had twice the amount of conversions reported and 10% results rate and now I have half the conversions being reported and 0.05% results rate on previous days that were stating 9-12% results rate.

It's as if they went back through the data and changed everything.

I have screenshots that show dates where I had 600 conversions and 10% conversion and then I check again today and that same day shows 300 or less and 0.05% conversion.

The ads also don't seem to be displaying to the correct people now whereas before it was getting a lot of click throughs and now it's stopped completely but I'm still spending.

It doesn't make sense to me but I'm new to facebook ads so maybe there is something missing?

The potential reach is 4.7 million and I should be reaching 8900-24000 people as I just upped my Lifetime budget to compensate for these crazy changes today but still the clicks on the ad aren't even occurring. It's as if they completely changed how the ad is being displayed and to whom. This in conjunction with all my ad results have drastically changed.

Even in different locations within Facebook I can see different results being reported. If I am just logged into my normal Facebook page, I can see on the right hand side the results, I click them, and they show the previously reported information.

If I go to the Ads Manager, it shows twice the amount of cost and the result rate is 0.0X% and the X is half of what the real conv % is based on dividing results by total people reached.

Any ideas on what's going on or how to combat this?
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    I did notice this happen to one of my ads last week. It has only happened once so maybe it was just an update they needed. I had to take a double take when I seen the change, but good thing it was only a $10 ad.
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    It's been a while I haven't logged into WF, and I came today especially for this issue...

    Facebook ads have been behaving weird for me in the last 4 or 5 days... Results are inconsistent with what I used to get in the past years, and they are way worse.... I'm getting results that are similar to what the OP states, with conversions dropping by half or more...

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one affected, and i hope FB will fix this issue quickly... Have they released any statement regarding this?
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