what to do with fb email list?

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there are some software that collect real email adresses related to your interest/keywords search.
what you can do with those emails legally?
i know i can use them on fb and twitter promote ads as a audience
what more options?

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    excuse me. can you recommend me one service that than get people's emails on facebook
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    I am not sure harvesting emails IS legal. I think it is technically spam if you do not have consent to email them about a business idea. Might want to seek legal advice about applicable laws to avoid any problems for yourself or your business
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    There is no way to scrape a persons actual email from facebook.

    In general, scaping B2C data is just going to get you a bunch bounces and spam traps and your ESP account will get terminated or your IPs blocked / blacklisted. Plus it's not can-spam compliant to mail scraped data.
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    i think, it is not legal work and you should leave it.
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    i got email:
    ROI Tools for Internet Marketers

    i am not affiliate or so, just think if there is a legal way to communicate with them it will be great.
    waiting for help.
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    If you have real email lead Collection, Then you can set a email campaigns for your business.

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    I think most of the emails are really helpful for the business.
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    Unless people have actually put their name on your list, it really isn't a list it is spam. THe former owner of this forum Allen Says, started off as a spammer, and he said in a few different interviews that he has never recovered from his early days as a spammer.

    Don't use them. Get a refund if you can for the Xtra pro. It just isn't worth your business reputation.

    Hope this helps.
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    hi, i didn't buy the software, i came to here to get ideas. thanks
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