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I've worked hard to build my followers (just about at 10,000), but I'm not really getting many like on my posts in proportion to those followers. I top out around 200 and average around 90 for most of my posts. With the number of followers I have I would have thought I'd be closer to 1000 likes per post... any thoughts on how to improve this?
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    Are you posting pictures people want to look at? That's the most important. After that hashtags. After that, interact with your fellows. Show them you are interested in their lives. If you aren't interested in their posts, why would they care anout yours?

    What's your niche?
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    You have to connect with your followers. Ask them questions and reply if they have any comment. This will help you build a relationship with them. Venture out of your feed and look for accounts related to your niche. Like, comment and follow those accounts as well. Instagram growth is not just about building, but also nurturing your followers on what your feed is all about.
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    Posting good feeds and photos that people would like to see might be the way to do.
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    There are quite a lot of things that can contribute to such low engagement rate.

    1. Majority aren't interested in your content anymore (consider uploading something more interesting)
    2. You don't use the right hashtags (check out this video)
    3. You may want to make a giveaway or contest to regain back the interest of inactive followers.

    I hope these 3 tips above have helped you. Try them out and let me know.
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    How did you buil your fan base?


    Instagram is a very good and relatively new media, but firstly you have to focus on what is your primarly purpose.

    Are you using it for branding and lead generation? i mean is it connected to a facebook fan page and it's for getting new leads?
    This is maybe the most powerful use.

    Or are you using for shoutouts? I mean having some agency or companies pay you for posting something with THEIR brand.

    I think u did not focus this aspect properly, that's why you have a fan base maybe built with people with mixed interested, i hope u did not buy fan or likes or followers, and they are not responding to your brand

    CAUSE they do not perceive you as an authority.

    SO try to build a FOCUS on what really matters: build a BRAND. Try to go in deep on what your brand is about and then post pics about it.

    So engage the right audience which will respond on the need the brand will suit with, i mean every product-brand is made for providing a solution for a specific need.

    Once you have a brand and you connect your fb fan page to your instagram page you have to post pic with this brand and EVERY pic has to be watermarketed with that brand.
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    I would be posting decent feeds and quality photos that are appeal to people.
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    you should post good photos/videos in your that you can get likes...
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    want to get more likes you really work hard to get famous on internet and on keep trying..
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    What do you usually post? Have you been interacting with your audience?
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      My engagement is where things are lacking, 10,000+ followers (not purchased) and only around 85 per post. Reach seems to be between 1500-2500 per post.

      When you refer to influencers, are you speaking of people with millions of followers? And what do you mean by collaborate with them?
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    Share beautyful pictures and pictures about your lifestyle and so on. Use hashtags and like others have said here,connect with other Instagramers. Like their content,comment on it.

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