FB or Instagram for leads?

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Curious to know your opinions? When used for simple lead generation, which platform do our fellow warriors here prefer?
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    For me Facebook is much easier to use and get results from and grow from there than the less popular Instagram.

    Facebook is more detailed and I think people love it nowadays. I find that for me it works better and I get a faster response from potential customers.

    That's because for many people Facebook is life. Many people waste a good amount of time there doing silly things. They have conditioned themselves to be on Facebook for much time daily.
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    I agree. Facebook is much easier these days aside from its large number of users, people are using Facebook more than Instagram. Facebook users are posting their likes and their dislikes on the site that is making it easier to filter and scrape.

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    depends on the project really but generally speaking, FB has more potential.
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    Short answer: both.

    IG (currently) has weaker viral and community infrastructure when compared to FB. How does this translate to a marketer? It means you have to work a little harder on both aspects, but do so in the knowledge that your efforts won't equal the viral and community benefits of FB. In a nutshell, FB makes it easier to seed viral media, to therefore set in motion the viral reaction, and FB (due to the community aspect) is a better location to warm leads prior to sending them off FB.

    On the other hand, IG accounts are easy to grow. You can grow them quick and without cost. If you do have a little money? Then of course you'll grow even quicker. Just don't buy views or followers. Endorse related IG accounts if you have the cash. The other benefit of IG is the culture. Some forms of marketing simply work much better on IG than FB. I don't really want to talk niches, but if you can read between the lines: some niches are ideally suited to a platform where images and videos are the primary forms of media to be engaged.

    Which platform should you choose?

    As I say, both. Without boring you with the pros and cons of each platform, the simple fact is this: if you're on FB and not using IG, then you're turning your back on another audience pool. You're leaving money on the table if you only work on one and not the other.

    A few thoughts!



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    I prefer Facebook, with ease graphic user interface, directing them to a lead capture page isn't a problem, while Instagram are 99% mobile-only supported platform.
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    Both has pros and cons, depending on your target you can chose which one is more suited.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Thank you to everyone for all of the feedback on my question. Is there a descent way to capture and integrate with GetResponse for FB and or Instagram? And what would that be?
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    I think Facebook is more ease and effective because people prefer to facebook more then Instagram, but both are great if you want to generate leads you have to focus on facebook more then Instagram.

    Hope it helps you.
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    Hello mates! Facebook and Instagram both are a much popular social platform. If you want to launch a campaign using one of these platforms, that would be so much difficult because you don't know which is the best for you.
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    I think Instagram has more young people who love fashion, gadgets and sharing photos. Although many businesses now are using Instagram to create a new market for their brand, Facebook still remains where almost everyone is. Instagram isn't as better than Facebook when it comes to content marketing and getting website traffic. But nevertheless, both of them are cool for business and pleasure.
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    Leads on Facebook are becoming expensive day by day.


    Instagram has 83% plus engagement than Facebook and 60% of Twitter.

    So if you have to choose, choose instagram.
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    Facebook is better than Instagram for leads. A lead includes a contact form that lets people show their interest in a product or service by filling out the form with their details and allowing a business to follow up with them.
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    It depends on what you're selling and who you're selling to.

    All these platforms have a major demographic.

    They also have specific types of content that do really well.

    If you're more into writing and your brand lends itself to that then Facebook should be your go-to place.

    If you can pump out quality imagery then Instagram is a no-brainer for you.

    It depends

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    It depends on what you're promoting

    FB seems to be a better lead gen platform for MMO products / coaching products though

    However, if you are pushing B2C services, both IG and FB might be good

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    Fb and Instagram has both cons and pros...you better take Facebook for it...
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    According to me Facebook is the best way for that...Most of them are using this platform now a days....
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    Facebook, seems like everyone that has access to Internet is using it. Not to mention the UI of Instagram doesn't appear user friendly to some.
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    Both are Good. But Facebook I think better.
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