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Social media marketing can be a tricky game, so if you want to launch a catchy campaign that will instantly go viral here are some techniques.

Schedule your posts
Time your posts to go live when people are most likely to be online so you can get instant exposure, or have it live when people are inactive so when they go back online it's already up and running.

Make your content shareable
The more shares you have, the more traffic you are likely to have.

Focus on all social channels
Don't overuse, for example, Facebook to get your music mashup viral. Maximise all the platforms to increase your viral content awareness.

Partner with influencers
Influencer marketing is arguably an effective method of increasing content exposure because the more popular your influencer is to your audience, the more that your audience will buy into your content.

Make your content relatable to your audience
Social media netizens tend to resonate well with viral trends when it's relatable.

Do you have any other techniques and methods to go viral? What are some of the most viral memes or videos shared on social media?
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  • Great techniques there. Here are a few others that we found useful at the agency:

    Focus On Entertainment & Social Value
    Social media has a bias towards content that is entertaining and has social value. This is the type of content that gets shared most often, and the most likely to go viral. So if you're a furniture maker targetting a particular city, try to create something entertaining, not focused on getting sales, and you're much more likely to have it go viral. You can even relate it with a pressing problem of the particular city that your company will do something about using part of the income made. So long as it is even tangentially related to your services, your sales will follow as an after effect, as people start checking you out.

    Related To Current Events
    People will automatically stop and read things that are related to current events that are of importance to what they care about. If you have a video game magazine for example, try to predict which games will take a big part of the limelight, and then create content for them in advance. If the game does go big, start promoting your content, and the wave of popularity of the game is likely to lift your site traffic by a ton.

    Be The First
    Much as I suggested above, you have to try to be at the forefront of developments that people you're targetting care about. If you're targetting the gaming industry, then always stay at the forefront of gaming. You want to be the best, and this will not only help you produce content that is likely to go viral, but will also help you retain a lot of the viewers your viral content grabs.
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  • Hello WF- Enzo,

    In my opinion, we can use the following steps to make your content Viral:

    1. Create a Meaningful Headline.
    2. Add Genuine Content.
    3. Keep it Short and Readable.
    4. Don't make anyone feel foolish
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    I was orderd content from freelancer, after 2 months results from google webmaster not really good, may i know how to check content unique?
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      You can check uniqueness with quetext, or smallseotools
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    In my opinion,

    Create a Meaningful Headline.
    Write relevant content
    trendy topic
    attractive image & video
    related tag
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    You missed the most important part: how to make anything shareable, as in worthy of being shared not as in adding social media buttons.
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    I really believe that being active in social media is the most effective option of the above options.
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    From my perspective, on the off chance that you need your content to become a web sensation you need to make content that can solve clients' issues.
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