Reasons to use dank memes in your content

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I find memes hilarious, funny, and right on point. They click because I understand their contexts and they're viral, which essentially means that it's everywhere on social media. Dank memes can also be used by digital marketers to create engaging content and make it go viral.

They're relatively inexpensive

Memes are created by other people, so you don't have to create an original photo yourself. For example, I use IMG Flip to look for a particular meme and use it to create a new caption.

They quickly go viral

Memes are meant to be viral, so people will instantly share them. The more your content is shared, the more traffic you get.

They can be used to attune your brand

The popular guy-checking-out-girl meme, in particular, is all over the Internet that even brands are onto this, including Ruffles:

So what's the next meme you're sharing on Facebook? What's your favourite meme?
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