How to use Facebook video without being too sales pitchy?

by R92024
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I sell a Mindfulness / Meditation product.
In addition to paid Facebook ads, I'd like to post a short (15 seconds or less?) video in some relevant Facebook Groups.
The video would show my product, but also have mindfulness/meditation quotes.
I want to show a link to Amazon so people can buy my product, but without it looking too much like a sales pitch.
It would be great if people shared the video. Is it best to show my sales link within the video (at the end?)
Many thanks for any suggestions!
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    However you do it - posting the link in FB groups will mostly likely result in a ban.

    Of course it is an ad - and it will look like an ad. FB sells advertising - so they aren't happy when people try to advertise for free.
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      Thank you, Kay.
      Yes, I hear you.
      I will be placing FB ads, for sure.
      Any other creative ways to show my product without it causing problems?
      Many thanks
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    What ever you are posting on Facebook it will be seen by all your friends and also can be shared by them, which indicates your post/video is also an advertisement.
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  • Be more creative because the more you add creative elements the more better response you will get.
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  • I don't know who wants to share a 15 second video with nothing but an offer and a couple of quotes, mate. Would you?
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    Here is the key for a successful Facebook marketing strategy, describe the following things in the same sequence:

    1- The Problem.
    2- How to solve that problem.
    3- How you can help in solving that problem
    4- How you will be compensated.

    You can actually use that strategy for almost all sort of businesses. Let me know if that helped.
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      I am a newbie in freelancing and this would be a great help, thank you so much for the tips.
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  • If you don't want it to be sales-pitchy, don't post a sales pitch!

    Post an interesting video that shows what you do and why that would benefit me. If I like the video I will click like and maybe share it, and your friends and their friends will do the same. If any of us want to know more, we will click through and like your page, where hopefully the 'about' section will have lots of suitable links to your Amazon product sales pages and lots of other videos I can watch for more information.

    If you want to post an advert, post an advert and pay Facebook for it.

    Being sneaky and trying to get the best of both worlds by posting an advert but trying to make it look like not an advert, is a terrible way to conduct yourself, most competent Facebook users know this and will be turned off your product.
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