Do you think TikTok will disappear?

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Entrepreneur reminds us that TikTok isn't a great time with governments globally, and speculates about which platforms might fill a potential gap.

India, the US and many others haven't exactly been supportive of the social media platform recently, amid fears it's used by the Chinese government to collect data. That negativity has led to takeover talk, with Microsoft and Oracle both rumoured to have shown an interest. President Donald Trump went even further in denouncing TikTok. TokTok is owned by Bytedance, and last month, Trump signed an executive order requiring TikTok to cease US operations - a move Bytedance has threatened to counter with a lawsuit.

Snapchat a ready-made replacement for TikTok?

If TikTok does succumb to pressure from the US president, we're not short of platforms that are willing to step in and fill the resulting void. Leading up that list would have to be Snapchat. The platform announced a new feature recently, which lets users set short videos to a catalog of musical options, and might be a ready-made replacement for TikTok.

Instagram Reels developed specifically to take on TikTok

Facebook launched Instagram Reels in Brazil as far back as last year in an effort to take TikTok on at its own game. The feature has since rolled out in the US and UK. Reels is another ready-made option for individuals and companies looking to switch their activity to a new platform should TikTok end up out of action.

Facebook's short-video feature

It's only available in India so far, and you can't yet add music, but Facebook has doubled down on Instagram Reels to a degree. TikTok lags behind Facebook by some one hundred million users in India and that's led the latter to introduce a new Short Videos option for users in the region. So far, they can only add text to videos which are 26-seconds long.

TikTok has found itself become somewhat of a political football of late. I'm not even sure where I stand on it all. On one hand, claims China's communist government harvest information about citizens of foreign states via the platform seem far-fetched. On the other hand - who really knows?
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    TikTok doesn't get disappear anytime soon.

    There are continuous rumors that TikTok and other apps will shut down, but none of them are true at all.
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    I doubt that Tik Tok will disappear very soon. I know one day it will disappear.
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    Tiktok will be gone as Bigo did... It won't stay longer as people may expect. The booming wasn't planned as it planned. It was a surprise rising media. Let's see it...!!

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    i think that as tiktok has been baned in India so now no one can use this app in India. So i think that the tik tok was now going to be disappear.
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    I don't think so. It won't go anywhere soon.
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    no i don think so , its getting more popular with every hour .
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    Banned in India because there was a border flare-up a few months ago and several Indian soldiers were killed.

    With Tik-Tok, or any other online platform, you never know. I would be surprised if they were banned totally in the U.S., but I'm pretty sure they will be facing more competition from platforms that specialize in the same age group and their share of the pie will somewhat less over time.

    Personally, I really liked Twitter, but it has become less of a marketing platform for me. It's great for breaking news and exchanges between like-minded groups but their advertising set-up is still a work in progress.

    I recently read that Myspace still gets 15 million visitors per month. Not nearly what it once was, but still alive and kicking.
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    Yeah, unlikely to literally go away, although - at least in the U.S. - an acquisition of the wrong IP, by the wrong company, may well have the same effect. Seems China is loathe to allow Byte Dance's algorithm to be part of any TikTok sale, so whoever winds up acquiring it here may not be acquiring arguably its biggest differentiator (although they'll certainly argue that at this point, the huge user base is its most valuable component).

    Ben Thompson had an interesting point this morning on why Microsoft should at this point remove itself from the bidding: "Simply acquiring a large user base without the secret sauce, though, feels closer to acquiring Skype and then re-writing its peer-to-peer architecture, that is to say a massive waste of money."
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    Advertising will stay there and will grow. It's probably not going anywhere soon.
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    It will disappear someday, but not soon, this is just another popular trend, but it is not eternal
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    I don't think it will stay long. It gets more voices opposing it than supporting it. More than one third of its users are already gone.
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    Tiktok should be shout down as early as possible.It's ruining young generation a lot folks are doing anything to get fame through it.
    but i know it's not gonna disappear anytime soon because it's million dollar industry so it's not easy to turn it off like boom.
    Thanks and have a nice day.
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