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A new article on HubSpot says that online advertising is currently booming. However, whenever you launch a digital campaign, you need to measure what's happening out there. Monitoring your impression share is a great way to do that.

Impression share is a metric for comparing the performance of your ads against the performance of other ads in the same category. Here are just a few of the different types of impression share - there are more in the original article.

Display Impression Share<

The author says:

"Google's Display Network is a group of over two million websites, videos, and apps where ads can get placed. Display Network sites reach up to 90% of internet users and can show your ads in a particular context, or to a specific audience."
Increasing your display campaign ad placements will improve impression share, but you'll have to adjust your budget.

Search Lost Impression Share

  • The "Search Lost Impression Share (budge)" column illustrates the percentage of impressions you've missed out on due to your budget. A high percentage could mean investing in a bigger budget would be worthwhile.
  • The "Search Lost Impression Share (rank)" column illustrates how many impressions you've lost because of a low rank. If the figure is high, you should look at why you're ranking badly.

The author says:

"Consider making adjustments to your campaign's keywords and creative assets if your search lost impression share (rank) is high. A relevant ad with great keywords will rank higher on the SERP, which can lead to more impressions, clicks, and sales."
he Impression Share Formula

Impression share gets calculated by dividing the number of impressions received by the number of total impressions that the ad was eligible for, or as Google puts it:

"Eligible impressions are estimated using many factors, including targeting settings, approval statuses, and quality."
This is an interesting and informative article, and I highly recommend you give it a quick look is you'd like to learn a bit more about using impression share to monitor your digital campaigns.
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