What are your tips for creating engaging social media content? Here's a few to get you started

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You may think that creating content is easy, but continuously generating new posts can be difficult. So, how do you create compelling social media content? Here's a few ideas.

Less text, more video

Ever stop scrolling on social media to read a massive wall of text? Probably not, even if you like the account that it's from. But if you do, I'm sure you usually lose interest and continue scrolling.

Or you're probably thinking, "Get to the point already." The message of this story needs to be clear and straightforward. If you're marketing your brand on social media, make it a rule to add an image or video to everything you post.

Get creative for your brand. This way, you hit the key points to make a post trend. Post photos or videos that speak to your audience and watch those likes and comments rise.

Get your own photos taken

f you're using stock photos in your social media posts, it's time to stop. But why? They are so easy to find and look nice, right?

Well, stock photos don't perform as well as authentic images. And as a result, they're bad for SEO. To prove this, Marketing Experiments tested an actual photo of their client against their top-performing stock photo.

The result? Visitors who saw the actual photo were 35% more likely to sign up. And a recent study stated that 62% of consumers said that high-quality product images were crucial to their purchasing decision.

Repurpose your evergreen content

Did you know that people remember visual information 65% longer than text? To take advantage of this, repurpose your best pieces of evergreen content into infographics, charts, graphs, and social media images. When creating graphics, remember these tips:
  • Showcase your content's main points.
  • Pull quotes from your content or reword your main points to make them sharable.
  • Use tools and templates from platforms like Canva and Piktochart to create quality graphics.

Let's add to this list of tips! What are your own solutions?
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  • Regarding the "less text - more video" couldn't agree more. Everything is made simple, catchy and easy to grasp to match the average attention span of a regular user. People nowadays don't even bother to read a complete sentence not speaking of an entire article. Being fair and square, everything goes back to what Dale Carnegie said: "you have to sell the way your customers want to buy".
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    In order to be successful in social media, it's important to provide your audience with engaging content. This means offering high-quality content that's useful to them, curating a variety of content, and maximizing the opportunities for content sharing.
    Developing engaging social media content is crucial to creating brand loyalty among your audience and reaching a wider audience.
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    Especially when you're starting (at least on Twitter), you have to think more about engaging and adding value to big accounts in your niche than about posting, doesn't matter how good your content is, only a few people will see it. Regarding content, the best is talking about the:

    - Dreams
    - Fears
    - Frustrations
    - Wants

    Of your ideal client. The more relevant it is for them, the easier they engage!
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    My idea of making engaging social media content starts with finding a catchy headline.

    It must follow a nice picture. Adding more graphical content than long boring text.

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    Can I Remove the Date From the Blogger Post Link?

    If you change the existing Blogspot subdomain name to a custom domain name, you must need to do a 301 redirection.

    How to Activate a Permanent Redirection in Blogger?
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    There are psychological triggers that inspire people to engage and share content. Some of the basic motivations are:

    Social Approval: People love to express their attitudes and receive affirmation from others. Sharing content is a way to express their personality and interests to a group.

    Communication: People want to nurture relationships with other people, and digital content enables us to do this more easily and frequently.

    Support Ideas: Social media is often used to support ideas, political views and personal beliefs; but also creativity and in this is way, users connect.

    Entertainment: Many people use social media to wind down. Entertaining content includes humor, memes, videos, music, etc.

    Thinking about these basic motivations is a useful starting point for developing content that will motivate users to get involved. I agree video is much more effective than text when it comes to content!
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    "Less text - more video" - personally I'm totally agree bcz of when I going to marketing like Facebook, audience are accepted reels, image more than text post. Its actually proved.
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    If your target audience is me, less text and more videos would kill your efforts. I want more texts, less videos. I know how to skim text, skimming videos not so much.
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    According to me people these days like to get full knowledge of a particular thing, so if you are creating a content that is fully described and engaging then there are huge possibilities to grow in social media.
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  • Repurposing evergreen content has been the most effective for us. You get more engagement and it's not as work intensive compared to always creating new content.
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    i Saw you Post i think this is the Basic information which i should Be considers To engaging the audience. First thing You Have to select one niche Of Your social Media Content Then You Have To Update content Continuously for audience which Is New For. who is already connected to you and it also help to You Connect/ or generate new audience. Use the Valuable and relatable Caption of Your Post If your target audience . use limited and relatable Hashtag in Your Caption area
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    Here are some tips for producing interesting social media content which I personally use.

    Make effective visualisations. This might consist of images, infographics, movies, etc.
    Create attention-grabbing headlines that entice readers to click.
    Be current and pertinent.
    Hold raffles and competitions.
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    Mine is adding infographics that catch attentions.

    infographics helps me attract visitors and get more engagement.

    make every topic interesting and be sure to add additional relevant links to support one content to another.
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