[Solved] Difference between facebook.com & m.facebook.com

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Hello warriors,

Can anybody please explain me what is the difference between facebook.com & m.facebook.com? I am so confused regarding this.

Thanks in advance...
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    Hi there. If you are looking at analytics like Google Analytics or Social Media analytics and you see the "M" before a platform like facebook then that means those are users who are using facebook on a mobile platform like a cell phone. It's great to know how many people access your site from a mobile platform vs. a desktop so that you can customize your images and editorial content to accomodate the different screen or dev your website to be more mobile friendly if you see a lot of users on mobile.

    Good luck,

    x. Ayn
    Wondermint Kids
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      m is stands for mobile, so m.facebook.com is mobile version of Facebook with different appearance.
      Anyone who access facebook using mobile phone will be redirected to this mobile version for faster loading.
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  • m.facebook.com is the mobile site. any site with a URL m.something.com is a mobile site. you can access both on your computer and most mobile and native sites are practicall identical. Although some sites create sites exclusively for mobile to optimize their exposure and user experience so expect some differences in design and content.
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    The basic difference between the m.face book.com and face book.com is that it help you to distinguish how face book page is compatible with the mobile devices. It gives you a platform to judge how comfortable are the users of your page using mobile devices.
    It does help to customize the look & feel of the websites for mobile devices.
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    m.facebook.com is the mobile site, as for functionality mobile facebook does not have 'tabs' on fan pages
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    If you're using a smartphone or a tablet, accessing m.facebook.com is easier as it is the mobile version of the site.

    If you're using a desktop or laptop, use the regular facebook.com site for more features.
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    As said above it's the mobile version, that lacks many features. For example you can't do anything with your ad campaigns from the mobile version. If you have a smartphone, then try using the normal as it gives full control
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    The mobile version of Facebook is actually easier to load even on a regular internet browser and fully functional, though not as pretty as the regular Facebook site.

    So maybe if you are running an Facebook on an older computer, you would not get so much lag this way.
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    The M on the m.facebook.com stands for mobile. It’s actually a great help for internet marketers because it will help you determine the population of your followers that use mobile just to check your posts.

    In that case, you will be able to manage your posts that will also benefits the followers that often use their mobile phones to check your page.


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    m.facebook.com site especially designed for mobile. M word use for mobile user website...
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    simplest question to answer,
    m.facebook.com is for mobile users, if you see any site starting with m.xyz.com means it's a mobile site.
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    As you might guess, facebook.com is the main site. m.facebook.com is the mobile version, l.facebook is when a link goes through some special handling to hide/filter some potentially malicious links.
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