Have you seen a drop in Facebook Likes after December?

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We wrote a blog post recently about how the December 2 Facebook News Feed changes have reduced the number of likes per post for almost all Facebook pages.

Take for example Hubspot, a very successful inbound marketing company.

As you will see from the output of PostGuru's Post Review Tool, the average likes/post has significantly dropped after the changes were implemented which favor more content with lots of user engagement.

Let us know how it has affected your pages.

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    Yep, it happened to my pages, and my client's pages.

    I will run profitable ad campaigns for money.

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      Originally Posted by yoangov View Post

      Yep, it happened to my pages, and my client's pages.
      Hi Yoangov! Feel free to use the Post Review Tool and post here the plot of Likes/Post for your affected pages. I'm curious to see what happened in your case.

      P.S. The tool I cited above doesn't ask for any Facebook permissions, it builds stats out of publicly available Page data. You can use it for pages that you don't even manage, i.e. coca-cola, audi, etc.
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    the facebook news page is by default set on "important" and not "recent". most people don't even know the option exists. so those posts with a lot of likes and shares are being shown even more together with posts by people you visit a lot.
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    No that you mentioned it I did notice a certain drop of likes at a certain point in December, I never took notice. I'll check on it right now. Thanks.
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    Facebook is adding new menu Pages Feed and separating pages posts from news feed to this menu, so need to buy ads to get the posts in news feed. All about money
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      For a Page, the idea is to try to post ONLY content that has a higher chance of being liked, picked up and thus shown in the newsfeed. That depends on many factors (wording, timing, picture dimensions, hashtags etc)

      I believe that facebook insights is not enough to show you the right strategy. Looking at what type of post and what time is better separately, doesn't mean you can understand when to post photos and what should the message say.

      E.g. for Dell (Dell Facebook Page - PostGuru), you can see that the top strategy needs medium+ sized pictures and a message of a particular size. Insights could not help you with this, but PostGuru can!

      You can try this with your own page @ Review Post | PostGuru (just input the id of the page, which is what comes after www.facebook.com/XXX)
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  • Actually, what I noticed was a drop in reach, not likes. I didn't change anything with how I posted or with the type of content...
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      John, try this with your page (or any page) and check the graph at the bottom of the page which plots average likes/post over time. It's a strange thing since the Christmas period might be overshadowing the effect but I think over the next few months it's gonna become more obvious.
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    Yep, there was a huge drop in December. It all leads to forcing people towards buying FB ads.

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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    Seems to me if you want to be in Facebook's game you have to pay to play now.
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    NBC News is reporting that Facebook will be no more relevant than Myspace is by 2017.
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      Originally Posted by duplication View Post

      NBC News is reporting that Facebook will be no more relevant than Myspace is by 2017.
      The question is, what will replace it? Because if that's true, something will takes it place.

      "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    I've seen a massive drop in the reach of my post since FB changed it's news feed. It's disheartening when I've got so many likes, but only 0.5% of my posts are viewed by my fans!

    I've write a post about this all on my blog and my readers are saying the same.
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