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Hey guys!

I am trying different ways to structure menu of the blog and how I want everything to be set in it.

My question is:
How to make a menu so that when you make a new post it shows both one the home page and on specific page/category?

for example: i got menus - Home/About/Business Tips/Interviews/Lifestyle

And I am writing a blog post about some internet marketing tip. I want it to be both on the home page and in Business tips.

Does Business tips has to be a "category" instead of a page or what?
Can't figure it out

Thanks in Advance!
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    Are you using Wordpress?
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    Yes, I am using Wordpress

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      Keep your blog page as your home page, set this in settings. Crate a category (if you haven't already) that it called business tips.

      When you make a new post, assign that post to the business tips category.

      That way it will show up on the home page, and on the business tips category page.

      it will stay pre-eminent on your home page until you create enough posts to force it over to the second page of blog posts. And it will stay pre-eminent for a tiem depending on your theme settings.

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    Yes, business tips will need to be a category.
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    Good advice, I had the same issue when I started using Wordpress! However I now run my own websites using PHP.
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    Yes also you can go to your dash board, go under edit and under publish, it will give you an option of sticking your post to the homepage so it won't roll off.. Hope this helps..
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