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At 2FreeHosting, we are updating our website design soon.
What would you recommend?
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    Originally Posted by fvsegarra View Post

    At 2FreeHosting, we are updating our website design soon.
    What would you recommend?
    The first thing I would suggest is embedding your video. bleeding visitors over to youtube would not be considered good for conversions! LOL I see you have multiple videos in different languages. English is by far the most watched I would embed this one and right below have light-box links to the other 4 videos. ( your English video was not playable when I went to look )

    Your primary call to action "Register Free" I would test and change "get started now" or the like.

    I would make it clear on the front page you are a service for parking / hosting existing domain names. and not a service such as blogger etc.

    Since Wordpress is the #1 CMS in the world.. I would hi-lite that your service is wordpress compatible.

    Just some quick ideas anyways!
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    Create a download area for promoting other hosting related, new domain ownership guides etc
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    Eh, this probably won't help much, but free advice is free.

    1. "595 000" <- Add a comma.

    2. Capitalize "facebook".

    3. "ofcourse" is two words. And is it really obvious to have "24/7 user support, facebook community, blog" etc.?

    4. There's an inconsistency with the decimal points. At the top-right it says 99.9% yet below it's 99,9%.

    5. That's not COMIC SANS at the top. . . . right? Just a reminder that some people don't like that font... myself included.
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    Your website is not displayed well on my iPhoe5. I think you should support mobile.
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    - "595,000"

    - have the video embedded on landing page

    - Use a different font than comic sans near your logo in the top left hand side for ""
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    Great suggestions @savidge4, we will definitely apply them!

    @news2cash, what do you mean, sorry?

    @chillheart, we have added all your suggestions to be applied in our change log, thank you! On the other hand, about the comic sans issue, it is an issue with the logo, which will be fixed and back to normal as well.

    @davidpham, we are making it mobile friendly as well!

    @blackbodhisattva, sure!

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