Reverse Engineering A Web Page, Design, And Text Without Violating Copyright Rules

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Please help me know how to reverse engineer a web page and/or website without violating copyright rules. Reverse engineering is legal as long as it is done right.

I know that most of the wording needs to be different than the original so that it does not come up on copy scape, but what about the images and the layout design?

If the images are private images made by the person with the original site of course I can not use those images, but what if the images can be purchased by both the original site creator and myself, can I use them in this case?

What about the names of the pages on the site? Can I use the same page names and same order of the pages?

What about the layout look of the page? If I change the wording, but the colors of the sentences look the same as the original site and the introduction text, benefits bullet points, arrangement of the pictures, etc, make the reverse engineered page to appear very much like the original would that be a violation of copyright rules?

Please give me some answers as I want to stay within the rules. Thank you
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    Design your own unique website using the other site for ideas and inspiration, such as layout, fonts etc
    but let it be your own creation.
    You'll be much happier in the long run.
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