Can a bad design kill your product?

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You come on a website, that sells a killer product, but the design sucks.

Is that for you a reason to not buy something there?

Or, because you really want that product, you will buy it, regardless the design.

How important is the design for a sale?
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    If you are talking about your page design... It doesn't really kill the product but just lessen the possible conversion rate. However, even if your design is bad but your content (image/text) presentation is clear and concise, design wouldn't matter at all.
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      Originally Posted by gprialde View Post

      ... if your design is bad but your content (image/text) presentation is clear and concise, design wouldn't matter at all....
      Sorry.. but, try telling this to anyone who's ever done split testing.. bad design can, without a doubt, kill a product's ability to sell.

      If your design stinks so bad that it smells like a scam (which a lot of bad design ends up being like..) you would struggle to sell water to someone stuck in a desert!

      Conversion wise, my thoughts are (under the assumption there is an actual market for the product):

      #1 Sales copy
      #2 Page design
      #3 Credibility
      #4 Actual product

      Check out a large number of WSOs for sale, they demonstrate how the quality of a product is rarely a factor in a purchase decision for a lot of people - most of them are rubbish (content wise), most people expect them to be rubbish too... but throw a good looking sales page with good sales copy and they still sell like hot cakes.

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    I believe every website design is subjective. What I think is a terrible design, someone else may not. I've seen websites that are beautifully designed but very hard to navigate. I've seen sites with great sales copy that had me excited to click the "buy now" button, but had very little creativity in the design. So, which site is a bad/better design?

    I think too many sites focus more on the design aspect and forget to focus on the customer. The customer is the one that's going to buy the product, not the designer. Many web designers don't take into consideration their target audience, and their knowledge of the web. Only a small percentage of Internet users understand technology and the Internet.

    If your site has a great message (sales copy) wit text you can read, is easy for a novice to navigate (design), and you run a legit business (credible), you will sell your product.

    I have been on the Internet since 1999. I'm here to share what I have learned about online marketing, web design and SEO strategies.

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      I think the answer is to your question is yes. Because design is the most important thing, it is the thing witch attract people.
      For an example think that you have a shop with awsome goods, but when some one saw you shop and think it looks like very disgusting place, no one will comes if they don't feel like go in there. No matter if you have the world finest goods.
      You should attract people with an eye catching design.
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    Yes it can.

    In fact, the purpose of a website's design is to SELL. If it doesn't convert visitors into paying customers or sales leads, then it's failed its purpose.
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    Of course. But the design should not to reduce sales.First of all - usability, and then design.
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    Of course, Poor designs of webpage can affect the viewers. There are some viewers that is checking the design before they explore your site. If you want to improve your sales make sure that your website is attractive.
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    Yes, design matters but it will not totally kill your product. Besides a product is a products.
    But of course, you should give your website a great design because it will give an impression to your potential customers. Any images, video or color you put in your website design will make an impression to your users.

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    Can a bad design kill a product? Hm...

    Let's ask Google.

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      Originally Posted by nmwf View Post

      Can a bad design kill a product? Hm...

      Let's ask Google.


      In this case, I asked you guys, from an IM point of view.
      I like to know what people who work daily with IM think of this, how you handle it and what experience you have.


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    I think design = packaging, which means perceived value to customers. YEs, I think it can kill your product, because I think people/ customers/ prospects communicate mostly with visually.

    Good design = good packaging = good communication... that will result you a better business ..

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    After viewing thousands of landing pages and buying multiple products online from various niches and marketplaces I can definitely say that design plays big factor on your conversions.

    It's just as important as the copy. I liken the landing page to a realtor attempting to sell a house that has bad curb appeal. Most people judge a house they want to buy by how it looks on the outside. We live in a world of digital aesthetics.

    Having a good design represents quality, trust, and creates virtual value.

    But the short answer to your question is yes!
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    It can kill or actually make you sell more, thats why split testing is important. Also the value you have given in your Previous products will determine your success.
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    Absolutely. People are very visual and judgemental on appearance. Ever looked at someone and just instantly didn't like them? You may have a killer product, but some people will not give it a second glance because of their first impression.
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    Yes definitely a bad design leads to destruction of a product.
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    If I really want this product, i would ignore the design, but I do think that the design will affect the selling of it.
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    Nowdays most of the times the supply exceeds the demand and markets are glutted.
    Customers just used to judge products by their packages, in this case design is your package.
    If customer doesn't like the design of the website he will use another one.
    So yes, design can kill even a greate product.
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