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Hi everyone,

I have blogger website Techno Nutty.

Today I am facing some strange problem. All the website links work on desktop platform but not on mobile or tablet devices (Except links from widgets). Can you help me out with this?
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    What mobile/tablet device and browser have you used to check?

    I would also suggest checking if top navigation bar works as expected on mobile devices.
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      I used Moto G Android phone to check.
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        I'm guessing that the z-index is too low on them due to a css error in the mobile.css or in a media query. Check it out in Firebug. Compare it when full size and using ctrl-M to show a mobile view.Links only work if they are on top layer. If they are wrong be sure to change the position for the links and their containers to relative and then raise the z-index value for the links.Also be sure that the ul list style is none so they don't get stuck under some bullet that you can't see.
        #replacewithyournavbarname ul{list-style-type:none;}
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