A Simple Question to Wordpress Expert! Opine pls

by monsur
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Dear expert friend,

A designer said that wp site's speed and performance is not so good comparing to custom CMS.

''If you think about WordPress, you have to compromise performance and speed. ................com is a WP site. So, by WP's nature it should be slow. But if you need performance and speed, you should develop the portal by other techniques.My suggestion will be, you basically build a custom CMS based news portal where in some parts RSS feeds from other news portals will be shown. You can give name of part as "News from other source" or something else.

Yes, I am right. It is basically made for personal blogging. WP is a free tool. If WP was so great, everybody would use that. You also can talk about this issue with other raw PHP developers.
But, you definitely can use WP for your upcoming site.''

Do you also think as he does?

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