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Hey guys and girls, how are you?

I have quite the challenge on my hands here, so I will try to summarize it to make it easy to understand:

- I use Getresponse as my e-mail autoresponder, have written 53 e-mails so far and I want to test how each individual e-mail does (in the CTR and sales conversion departments)

- I write all my e-mails in plain text, simply because I sell to consumers and not to (potential) business owners and businesses so assuming they all have computers that support fancy HTML e-mails is a BAD assumption and could mean a loss of sales

- The challenge: GR (and others) allow one of THEIR links to track results with, meaning mysite.com would turn it weirdsoundinglink.com OR obvioustrackinglink.com

- GR doesn't allow domain masking after their "super" update and my shopping cart (1shoppingcart) doesn't support domain masking, however their regular tracking URL COULD be used in an HTML e-mail...

So now my question is: how the heck am I supposed to test individual e-mails when there seems to be no way of using "good looking" (mysite.com) tracking urls?

Does this mean that I will need to switch to HTML e-mails, while that could be bad for business?

Or does it mean that I'll have to test "manually": see what happens when I use shorter intervals, see what happens when I send broadcasts twice, or an entire series of broadcasts, etc.

Could really use some help here because I find the "techie" side of business to be very challenging (and sometimes confusing).
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    There's nothing wrong with html email as long as the html degrades gracefully, if I were doing plain text testing I'd probably use subdomains with redirects, when I'm feeling lazy I use a namecheap domain and their redirects instead of setting up my own.
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    hmm... Im kinda worried that when I start using HTML e-mails, that hotmail will block it's content and that annoying notification will pop up...OR that people won't get to see the newsletter at all.

    What are your thoughts on that Jake?

    Because as you know, never assume anything...always test everything is best! And I want to test my list because everybody says it's the most important asset of any business.
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    Why do you want to go masking the domain name in the email? If the copy is good and gets the user clicking the link, does it really matter?

    Most email systems will amend any links with their own tracking code to provide you with statistics - so I don't see what the precise issue is here.
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    I have hotmail and html emails seem to get through fine. Just avoid images as they are blocked out.
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