Removing A Blog Title When Adding A Custom Header

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Hey, guys. I'm trying to remove the title from a Wordpress blog because I'm adding a custom header with the title in the graphic. I don't want the title to display, but obviously I still want it in there somewhere for SEO purposes. The solution I thought of was to remove the title in Settings: General, but put the title in with the Platinum SEO plugin or All-in-One SEO plugin. Will that have the effect I want, or do I have to get my hands into the php / CSS whatchamacallits?

Thanks for any info or ideas
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    Don't take the title out of the settings. You will need to edit the themes header.php file and or others to remove it visually but not from the search engines.
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      it is done usually on the stylesheet

      so under "Appearance" in your "editor"
      then you should get your stylesheet loaded as the first page to edit
      look lines in the CSS that look something like this:

      #head { height: 240px; margin: 0; padding: 0; background: transparent url(images/headbg.jpg) repeat-x;  color: #333; }
      #head h1 { height: 240px; width: 100%; background: transparent url(images/logo.jpg) no-repeat center top; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; }
      #head h1 a { display: block; height: 240px; width: 100%; border: 0; }
      #head h1 span { display: none } 
      then code above is from my own blog's stylesheet at and it gives you an idea of how it's done

      then edit header.php

      and look for the header stuff that looks something like this:

      <div id="head">
      <div id="title">
      <h1><a href="<?php bloginfo('home'); ?>"><span><?php bloginfo('title'); ?></span></a></h1>
      <div id="desc">You are visiting the personal blog of Karen Blundell -<br /> Entrepreneur, poet, artist, and musician, <br />offering free XHTML templates and WordPress themes <br />and so much more. 
      <br />Welcome!</div>
      so just to explain this a little better...put what you don't want visible in between a "span" tag and then make sure in your CSS that you put display: none in there
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        Thanks for the tips. My theme is written differently but I figured it out. Thanks!

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        Originally Posted by Karen Blundell View Post

        it is done usually on the stylesheet

        so under "Appearance" in your "editor"
        then you should get your stylesheet loaded as the first page to edit
        look lines in the CSS that look something like this:
        I Know its easy and quick but I have to strongly advise that people new to wordpress or not used to working with code Should NOT be using the dashboard or any online editor to make code changes to their site. In the last two weeks I've had to help two or three people who completely lost access to their site from doing this.
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    If you are going to edit the theme in the WP dashboard first make sure to have a backup of the theme.

    Then before editing select all the code of the file in the WP editor, copy and paste it into Notepad or any text editor (not Word) on your computer. If you screw up the edit just paste the unedited code back in and start over.

    Now if you really screw things up you can over write the theme and upload it again on your host with FTP.

    As a last resort deleting a theme from the hosting account will revert the blog to the default theme, that's why to keep the default theme around just in case.

    Same goes for plugins, if your blog goes nuts or disappears after activating or upgrading a specific plugin just delete it from the hosting account.
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      @Karen, nontemplates, Jeff: I'll add another wrinkle to the discussion of safe theme editing. (I agree about not using the built in WP editor, BTW.)

      Since version 2.7, WP has a powerful new facility called parent themes and child themes that lets you create overrides to a base theme (the parent) without modifying any of the files that constitute the parent. Read more about it in the WordPress Codex.

      In essence all you have to do to define a child theme is to create a new directory and put in it a skeleton CSS file, like this:
      Theme Name: the-child-theme
      Theme URI: the-theme's-homepage
      Description: a-brief-description
      Author: your-name
      Author URI: your-URI
      Template: the-parent-theme--optional
      Version: a-number--optional
      General comments/License Statement if any.
      You install your off-the-shelf, unmodified theme in the usual manner. Then you install the child theme (just the CSS file in its own folder at this point). Activate the child theme, and it automagically inherits everything from the parent theme. You'll see no difference in your blog.

      Now you can override or add to any file that constitutes the parent theme simply by creating a new file of the same name in the child theme folder. Want to change some of the CSS? Just add sections to the child theme's CSS file. You don't need to copy the whole thing. Just add the sections that you want to be different.

      For changes to any template file (any of the php files), you would copy the whole thing into the child theme folder and then make your changes to that version.

      This way you preserve the original theme entirely unaltered and unedited. And you can easily see exactly where you've changed the original. It's a much safer and more convenient way to work with themes.

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