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Hello warriors,
I'm totaly new to this forum and to blogging in general. I just started my blog, well that was in 2014 (after a fail in 2011)...anyway,i want to make a blog, in general about WP, Blogging, how to make a website and stuff like that. I have a few knowledge about WP, CSS, HTML, PHP and JS and with this i've built the new design for Home - We Code Art
Actualy is a theme developed by me. It has some interesting features like Foundation CSS, Animate.css and FontAwesome icons integrated with it. Theme also has schema.org markup.
I want some advices from someone who really knows what is talking about and also from averange user - what is good about website, what is not...the design, loading time, theme etc.

Blog does not have decent content because i just started to invest my time in it.
So what's your opionion about it, You like the design, what should i improve ? What do you think about Front page...stuff like that. I would love to hear anything you want to say about it, no matter if it is good or bad. Share what you think with me.
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  • 1. Website has unique color combination. A lot of hover has been used on each row/column that is good but do following changes in front end and back end to make it more attractive and effective.

    a) Do proper validation in visitor name and email field. Do not redirect it on another page with successful validation.
    b) Show error on same page.
    c) Change color of logo or do something make it visible on home page navigation bar. Put logo on top page.
    d) Login panel is not visible properly. It left part is hiding. Either replace it in right side or give space in left side.
    e) No need to use too much hove on divisions to, make it simple and visible.
    f) Put glyphicon images in left side of heading under â€"Why you should choose WeCodeArt Framework”.
    g) Update your content on home page and do proper linking of each page to it.
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    I really like the look and feel of the website. It also looks very professional. The color scheme looks fresh and pleasing to the eye as well. Pretty cool hover-overs too! One thing that I noticed is that your logo looks a bit too small for the whole page and it is not noticeable. What I suggest is that you make your logo a little bit bigger.
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  • Thanks for feedback. I will integrate that form in a widget in the next release. Maybe i will change the logo, i think it has to much text in it...after all is a logo.

    Owner of beatifull website WeCodeArt.com Blog. I love CSS, HTML, JS, Wordpress and a little bit of PHP !

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