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Hoping for some real world experiences & direction. I've ran a Wordpress site for 6 years plus for an offline membership organization. I've always used Optimize Press as my theme. Over the years certain things have just stopped working, new plugins won't work correclty, and other issues to go unnamed.

As our membership organization and marketing has changed over the last few years I've decided to stop using Optimize Press and go with Thrive Themes. In the old days 2013 back, I used to comment on tons of blogs, had in links everywhere, used a lot of paid advertising, and had a much stronger online follwing. As the business changed I paid less and less attention to the site and it's broken down. Thus my plans to "revamp" with a cleaner and simpler theme that gives me more flexibility.

Here's my big question; to keep me from losing G00gle juice, if there's any left, what's the best way to use a new theme and dropnonly my content back on top of it? I've seriously thought about just killing it completely and pasting all of my old blogposts onto a new install but there's gotta be a better way. I know after years of changes and really crappy coding by a non-coder (me), there's gotta be a buch of dirty code in my folders screwing stuff up. Another exampple is the day I post a new blogpost it takes over 30 seconds for any pages to load. A day or so later it's totally responsive again.

Any advice is appreciated. I use Hostgator and here's a Link to the site.
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