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How to make responsive web designs and If I want to change designs so it is possible ?
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    It depends how skilled you are and if you need a static HTML site or a CMS such as WordPress.

    If you start with free Bootstrap, which is probably the most used responsive design framework, with one of their default templates you can quite quickly learn how to change colors and designs, etc. for a static responsive site.

    There are also many themes/templates for Bootstrap that can be used as is or modified for your own needs.

    If you are going to use WordPress then I'd suggest buying a ready-made responsive theme if you are a beginner.

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    This is not simple. As Fredbou says, you can buy a theme that is already responsive (html5, css, javascript). I like the website for general website design. These work for any programming language or static websites (no code or database). You can go with a Bootstrap 3 theme, Bootstrap 4 is still too new. Actually I just bought the Unify theme and it is amazing what I got for $22.
    The best Wordpress and woocommerce themes are responsive, they will cost more like $60 at
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    Responsive is what ? It is a compatible view to all type of devices means 100% of the screen. Its very easy to develop.

    And Yes, if you want to make updation, you may.....!

    ProICT Training
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    Responsive web design means compatible with all other devices. So i would suggest you bootstrap. its easy way for responsive web design.
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    1. There are various tools that make it possible to create fully responsive websites. Google them.

    2. It is possible to change designs, but it depends on what platform and in what programming language are they written.

    Entrepreneur in the making.

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    You can try using software TemplateToaster. A website builder designing responsive themes which are all compatible with major CMSs and browsers.
    This builder works wonder for me. Also, it gets you rid off the coding part. Try and I am sure you will be amazed by the results it produces.
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    You can make use of media queries in CSS to make your page responsive. Media questions enables you to give distinctive styles for various measurements of the screen with the goal that you would divide be able to gadgets as per the screen resolutions and assemble media inquiry for every class to indicate components in page as indicated by your nitty gritty responsive arrangement.
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    You can use Bootstrap for responsive web design. It is simple to learn and easy to perform changes in design. The web designs developed by bootstrap are mobile friendly and seo friendly too.
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    It is very easy to make a responsive and user friendly website for you. Most of wordpress themes are by default responsive design. If you want to build a static website then you can bootstrap which help you to create a responsive website. Thanks
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    Bootstrap is responsive web design, easy to use also.
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    I also like Bootstrap for responsive web design. You can create responsive web designs using almost any program you can use to design websites. If you use WordPress make sure you use a theme that is responsive. Read more

    About your second question- It is possible to change you design. I try it with Bootstrap- any problem
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    Actually,,its possible.if you want to change designs your site. i can do it easily.
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