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I need some help redesigning my site at I get a decent amount of traffic and the site used to do good as far as selling my items. I had it redesigned a few times and sales have completely dropped. I need someone who can help give me suggestions.
Thank you
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    The font size on the menu items looks too small to me. Also, the text underneath "Our Best Deals Yet", "Our Top Products", and "15% Discount" is tiny. Note the "15%" does not need a "-" in front of it.

    The main body text would be easier to read if split into two columns - there is a reason that magazines and newspapers use columns - it's easier for the eye to scan a narrower block of text.

    Seems like too much white space at the bottom of the page too.
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    You have a lot of problem really, creating a website that is selling good is an art and it need to be great..

    Your site is super slow, 12.5 seconds

    Text too small
    Call to action need to be better
    Page look empty, need more substance
    Bottom, a siteorigin theme ??? that`s unprofessional...
    The design really need to be improved...
    You need a newsletter too,

    Once that is done then you put analytics and some tools to see what is happening with the clients.

    Use a good strategy then with latest tools like retargetting
    Good Luck
    Get Quality B2B Leads
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    Ya, I do not like any of the images on the front page at all. someone started working on it for me for free and this is how they left it. She said she could make my site making money again like it used to but she just did not have the time to put into it, so this is how it was left. I do have a newsletter and this site has been up since 2000. I used to make good money with the site but it all stopped once I started messing with the site. I have tons of pages and articles, but they are not being used right now. I think a good theme change and set up would help alot? and yes the speed is slow. I rank very well for a lot of the keywords I chose but some I don't rank at all. Thank you,
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      Originally Posted by networkmom View Post

      I used to make good money with the site but it all stopped once I started messing with the site.
      Well, Denise, this might sound a bit too obvious, but...

      If you were making good money before you started messing with the site; Why don't you put it back the way it was? (you know, the way it was when it was making money for you?)

      Now, there's nothing wrong with testing and tweaking, in an effort to increase sales (in fact, I highly recommend it) but if something is working, then it's not wise to make drastic changes all at once. (As you may be starting to realize by your dramatic drop in sales)

      Of course, if it's not working at all, then you have nothing to lose by completely moving in a new direction. But if it's working, then don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

      One of the traps a lot of business owners I work with run into, is what I call "boredom bias." That's when they get bored with their own marketing (advertising, sales funnel, website, etc.) and they start to assume the market is also bored with it.
      And even though it's still making sales, they think it needs to be completely updated.

      There's two main problems with this type of thinking...

      1. Just because you've been staring at it for too long, and you're bored with it, your new visitors are still seeing it for the first time. And if it's working... then keep doing it.

      2. Some of your current (loyal?) customers that were familiar with you, are now unfamiliar with you.

      Many will think that if you're making such drastic changes, are you also making changes to the reasons they purchased from you in the first place? (like have you become corporate, and no longer care about them as individual people?)
      These thoughts might seem irrational to you and me, but your customers perception is all that matters (if you want to make sales)

      Now, if you do feel the need to make major updates, then it's wise to include your current (and past) customers in the loop. Let them know about the upcoming changes (even ask for their input) so they can feel like they're a part of it.

      Of course, this last part all hinges on the assumption that you're staying in touch with your client base.You do stay in touch with them... don't you? (newsletter? email? direct mail?... SOMETHING?)

      One other thing I highly recommend is...

      Some of your sales copy could be reworked.

      For starters...That paragraph you currently have on your homepage, describing what you're about, was obviously written with SEO in mind. Lots of keywords / keyphrases thrown in there.

      And while that's great for the search engines, it's not helping you connect with your human visitors at all (you know, the ones that actually buy stuff).

      Also, your articles... If they're evergreen articles, then get rid of the dates. Right now your homepage shows 3 articles from 2015, which makes me (and many of your visitors) wonder just how interested and active you are about keeping up with your industry?

      Honestly, just get rid of the dates from all of your "evergreen" articles. Otherwise they just look, well...outdated.

      Finally, some of your product descriptions could be better. I didn't check them all, but from what I did check... Some of them look OK, but others... not so much.

      Many of them are not much more than quick "feature" descriptions with few (if any) benefit driven descriptions.
      And if you want people to spend hundreds of dollars on a product, you'll need to tell them more than just "what's inside the box" along with the manufacturers soundbite.

      I could go into more detail, but this is a forum post, not a full length book. But I hope this gives you a couple things to think about.

      I wish you the best of success with your store. we have too many unhealthy kids in this world, and what you're selling is a good thing.

      All the best,

      Started working on a new copywriters community (Jan 2019) It's a work in progress. Copywriter approved... newbie friendly... (suggestions for improvements are always welcome)

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    There is nothing exciting about this design. Nothing hooks me in and frankly I don't care to look past the 1st page. Yvon's notes above are dead on. Better CTA's and images. Tap into emotion of your user. Give them a reason to click on, generate the lead, or make the purchase. Newsletter is great for users further up the sales funnel. Social can be better. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive (Source: Adobe). Here is a little more on how to effectively design your website to convert..
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    Thank you for your suggestions.
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    So I had someone work on my site and I know it still needs some work but is this an improvement? Suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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      Better. I suggest reorganizing a little on the home page. Your user needs to know what your site is about quickly. I'd add a small blurb about what you are and what you offer and why I should care. I'd also drop the "Recent Products" below the 3 categories that you have right below that section. Looking at too many random products that are in no particular order makes your home page look cluttered and unorganized. Maybe use more concise categories in for your products so your user can quickly view the products that they are interested in through the filter that you provide. Lastly, I would try and draw your user in with your articles. They have gotten to the bottom of your page at this point and you need to inspire some action or they will bounce. Good luck.
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    Thank you I will look into them.
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    Text Alignment is not Good.Hope you can do well Design...
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    Yes i agreed, there are lots of issues and looking not professional. I think you should redesign your website through WordPress. Because WordPress has lots of high quality premium theme on categories. For that you can go themeforest market and search your targeted keyword of theme. I ensure that you will get tons of professional fitness and kid related theme.

    Thank you
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    hey, If you still need help .. let me know .. I an run some test on yours and let you know.

    If you are interested then give me a few of your competitors as well.
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