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I would like to hear you guys perspective on how to design the homepage of my affiliate website.

Many people pack lots of stuff on the homepage, like 3k words and tons of different topics and comparison tables with amazon links. I don`t have much experience yet but from my limited understanding I would think that this is destroying the usability for my visitors. I talked to a guy who made this kind of affiliate website and he told me that he did this so his homepage gets ranked in google because there are all kinds of keywords on the first page.

But I always thought that the homepage should be like some entry point for the visitor, to get a short introduction what the site is about and then he can choose where to go next.

I would love to post an example website to show you guys exactly what I mean. But since my last post did not get approved, I am not sure if that is allowed?!
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    If this is not allowed that please just remove my post:

    Here is an example website so you guys can see what I mean:
    - Staubsauger-Roboter Test 2017 - die Top 4 Saugroboter im Vergleich
    Do you guys think this is good or bad design?
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    No one here got any suggestions?
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      Hi, hope you are doing well.
      I got your point and I would like to suggest you that you should go for redesign in which you can change your website's look and feel.
      And before entering the home page they will have to register...and lots of thinks to discuss...If you want I can help you with this...Kindly reply me back or send me a message for that.
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    If you're looking to create an affiliate site for physical products then the front page doesn't really matter as much as you would expect. The individual pages that describe the products AND lead your visitors to Amazon (or whoever you are affiliate with) are really the important pages.

    The link that you posted doesn't have a particularly attractive design. But, what's important are the pages that show your affiliate links. Are you planning on creating a one page site? If not, then I would worry more about having helpful information on individual articles. That's how you can get click throughs and get sales.

    Case in point... Indoor Grill Reviews - George Foreman Grills | Electric Indoor Grills - that site is no longer mine (sold it several years ago, but it still has the exact same design and content that I had on it). You can see the front page is nothing special. But it has the right stuff on it. Big obvious (and not unattractive) links to more specific information about products. Someone visiting your site is looking for real information, they won't look through comparison tables and 3k words on the front page, but they also probably won't really care either way. That grill site pulled in $300 to $700 per month from Amazon.

    Visitors want to get to the inner pages - specific reviews, helpful articles, etc - make that stuff the focus of your front page instead of packing information on it.

    Hope that helps.
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