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Dear members,

How important is it to get a logo designed for a beauty salon business!?

I just made its fb page and i was thinking of getting a logo for it. Are there any free logo designing websites available? Thank you.
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    Logos are important for a business. It gives your company a visual identity that sets you apart from all the other companies, in your case, from all the other beauty salon. It works hand in hand with your business name and makes your business memorable and helps it stand out.

    You can try Canva though, they have free logo templates that you can use to create your own logo. It's not hard to use either, but does require that you create an account with them.

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    If you are a small biz, I wouldn't pull my hair out about it. Many companies us Words as there Logo, like Ralph's Grocery store. The simply have the logo painted in red with a specific type of font. I just started my own business online and I don't have a logo just yet but that has nothing to do with my sales.

    If you want a Logo done for you cheaply, try Fiverr.com

    There you can get a logo made for as little as $5 bucks.

    Again, don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on money making activities for the first few months, then worry about making everything look cute later on.
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      This is good advice for more that one reason. If you are just starting out your business may evolve in a direction not yet known, and your "brand" or "logo" created up front may not work in the future. It really does depend on whether or not you are planning to branching out or will remain a one shop business.

      Words grab attention, and words produce emotions, words move to action, words are your key to success. www.WriteRoadToSuccess.com

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    Hi there,

    The importance of a logo is very important as it signifies the emblem of your company and trust me number of people can judge you just by a logo.
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    logo is a symbol of your company.so it is so impotent. you can design your logo from logo designing market.thats total free.......

    gud luck.
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    You can use logomakr to create a free logo.
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    I think it is very important. The logo of a company tells people what they are all about - their brand, culture, values, etc. It's like a gene associated with a particular trait. Take for example Nike, the check mark alone indicates that everybody can do it or anybody has the capability of doing anything they want if they set their minds to it. It is a brand that is immediately identified with sports - of the hardships and triumphs of being a sportsman. Using anything made by Nike will make people believe that it is a good brand that is going to last long especially when doing strenuous activities. Of course that's due to years of building the name of the brand.

    As for a logo designing website, you can try 99designs. However may I just ask, have you ever tried hiring someone to work on your logo?
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      Originally Posted by Hazira Begum View Post

      Logo design is the first step of you business identity..It will attract your customer..most important thing is get a creative idea..Actually graphics is the soul of a website and permanent branding of a company. I can strongly assure you that I will be able to provide you according to your desire.check out my fiverr
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    A logo is very important for branding but I would not stress about getting it perfect. Like most parts of a business, a logo will evolve. I've tweaked my logo several times.

    I've had logos created using Fiverr with decent success. You should be able to get a logo done for under $50.
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  • if you make a website for your website then its most important to make a logo for your business. its show you are professional or business brand. it put good effet on your visiter or customer.
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    Recommend*DesignEvo. It is the*hands down online logo design tool*I used most often. Easy, clean, fast, 100% free and allows high-res logo export. Save your expressions like "thx". lol
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    In my opinion, a Logo is the face of your brand. It introduces your brand to those who haven't known your brand or might not have used your services. If the logo is impressive, people for sure, get curious to know details.

    Yea, of course, there are many free Logo designing, shared above. But, there's none as creative as the human's mind
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    A logo is a symbol of your Brand & also reflect the activities of your business. Also, it shows that how you have taken your business seriously.

    So, the Logo is very important things whatever it is a Saloon or any kind of service provider company.
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    A business logo is an absolute must. It's how you own your brand and how you let your clientele know what your services is all about. Take Onlinejobs for example, the logo is of a VA taking a leap out of a circle. It means our VAs are talented and are capable of taking your business to higher levels. It means creating the freedom that you need.

    With regards to logo designing sites, search for it on google and you can find plenty but if you are serious about putting it out professionally, hire someone who have the right skills to do it.
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