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I have a WordPress site, with the Consulting theme, I cannot seem to change the background image on all pages (I have changed the sliders on the main page).

For example, on the Contact page, the page title is "contact" behind that there is a box to put an image, this is not the header image but the background image. This is what i can't find the setting to change.

Thanks in advance.
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    That should be in slider settings - LHS Bottom.

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      Hi, Thanks for your reply, Steve

      The slider settings are for the homepage only with I have done. It's all pages except the homepage I can't change.

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    Are you referring to the hero image or the background image for the page? If for the hero image, you can download the plugin WP Display Header which will easily allow you to change for each page. The other can be solved with some simple CSS.
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      Thanks for your reply athew

      It's not the hero image, its the background image that sits behind the page name near the top of the page in a small banner box.

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        Can you share the link with me so I can take a look?
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 on desktop the box is behind the page name. On mobile it appears above it. Thanks.
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            Thank you, Steve.

            I looked at your page. It appears that the "box" you're talking about has an ID of "intro-core-wrap".

            There are 2 ways I know how you can affect this through CSS.

            1) In most themes you can find an "additional CSS" section under the Appearance > Customize section of Wordpress. In that section you can add this code: #intro-core-wrap{
            }. Just replace 'example.jpg' with the address of the image you want to use.

            If you can't find this section you can instead go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Header (header.php). Copy all the text on this page into a text editor (just incase something goes wrong), and then in the <head> section place the following code:


            Then of course, replace the 'example.jpg'.

            This should work if done correctly.

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              Ok. I will try that later when I get back to my office.

              Hope it works.

              I will let you know.

              Thanks very much for your help.
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                My pleasure. Happy to help.
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                  Hi there.

                  I tried your suggestion, It changed the box that contains the page name, not the banner box behind it.

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                    I found it, I changed your code to


                    Thanks very much for your help, I would have taken forever to get here without your help.
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                      it was my pleasure! I know what it's like when you're looking for answers. They can be hard to find on your own sometimes. Anyways, glad it worked out!

                      Best of luck,

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                Hi Please, you can change your background color by CSS.
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    If you still in the issues, So i will be glad to help you.

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      Thank you, but it is resolved now.

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    Okay if you are on this page at the top left hand corner yo will see the customize option. Click the customize option and there you can see background image and header image.Now from here you can change your image.
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      The background setting you are referring to changes the image at the head of the page.

      I have now changed this via the CSS code, as stated above. I have found no other way to do it.
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