Experts, can you review my website design?

by Kapoki
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Would love to get your feedback on our site It's a site that help consumers to stand up against
producers of dangerous drugs and medical devices by informing on legislation.

I have a few specific questions:

1. Does the website like trustworthy?

2. What do you think of the header image?

3. The specific lawsuit pages are the most important on our site. What do you think of a page like this.
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    A brilliantly made website, good job! Looking at your site from a consumer point of view, I can safely say I would trust this site. It seems to have a friendly, inviting look to it. I would try to find a different image for the header although. Your lawsuit pages look professional as well, I don't really have any criticism!
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    Thanks JM, I really appreciate your reply! Noted about the header. My partner and I did have some discussion about it actually. What sort of header would you see as more suitable?
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    A great site, a good gamut of colors (unobtrusive), well received text. Everything is accessible and understandable. I like.
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    As a web developer visiting everyday uncountable website. So from this experience i would like to say, your website is a very quality-full, excellent also powerful.

    "Good luck in your business"

    Thank you.
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    SantaMax and Dony Kumar

    Thanks for your feedback and compliments!
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    Nice site! It looks clear and professional. I also tried on mobile and it's fully responsive.
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    Based on RankBio Analytics, your site score is 49 from 100, good but not excellent.
    Your site load very slow on mobiles devices. need improve this
    All you need to know about Insurance
    InsureZero Blog
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  • Profile picture of the author livu saroya
    Your Website Looks Really Nice and Website Loading Speed is also good.
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    I love it! Clean, modern, describes what it does in an easy way to understand.
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