Reseller hosting - Should I move to VPS?

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I have a reseller hosting plan with 6 sites. I keep reading that I should have a VPS plan instead.

3 of the sites I'm treating seriously for business. Combined visitors 1,800 per day.

Generally I really like the hosting quality after a year with this host. Great uptime, speed, etc. Rarely any lag.

I'm paying $30/mo. I'm making $5k/mo.

I read that a VPS plan requires more technical knowledge and more involved work on my part. Like I'll be responsible for maintaining the server software. I don't know anything about that stuff and I don't want to waste any time learning it. I could hire someone to manage it, but only if they would do as good a job as the webhost's team and I wouldn't be paying a lot.

Anything big I'm missing out on without a VPS?
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    yes vps is much much better

    I too was in the same situation like you..opened few sites all started getting huge traffic but hosting co started throttling my sites saying it was using too much resources..

    so I switched to vps..I knew nothing. i just googled and installed in a few min..

    get managed vps with cpanel so you will not have to worry about anything. it will be just like you are using your shared hosting now

    you can ask your own host if they have vps offers


    webhostingtalk forum has lots of offers from lots of companies . check the vps section

    basically its like having your own install cpanel and the few setup you need can be googled and done in few minutes , nothing difficult

    if your sites has lots of traffic then be sure to get a vps with min 4 gb ram ..8 gb will be awesome
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      Thanks for the info!

      Looks like my current host has managed VPS with 4GB RAM at $134/mo, kind of high!

      I'm not really running into problems yet, except that I recently inquired about the Backup service in WHM and was told I'd need a VPS to have access to that. Not a big deal, as I currently use a third party service to transfer site backups offsite weekly, configured for each site individually.

      I had to move hosts twice recently due to performance and service issues, but I have been with this host now for a year and am happy. So I'm hesitant about moving. Their $134/mo VPS is expensive though, and I see others around $33/mo. What's up with that huge price difference?
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    Though it's good to know what your options are - VPS maybe - or perhaps a dedicated server in the future...when you need it.

    If it ain't broke....does it matter what other people say it 'best'?
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    Originally Posted by squeebo View Post

    Anything big I'm missing out on without a VPS?
    Yes, extra work and extra headaches. Seriously, though, based on the information you provided, you don't need a VPS. If you needed more control over what software is running on the server and how it is configured, then a VPS might be worth considering.

    I suspect that many people think they need to move to a VPS when they really don't. What they need to do instead is move from their lousy, heavily oversold shared web hosting to high-quality shared web hosting. Or, if they are already with a high-quality web hosting company, they may need to upgrade to a more expensive plan, such as semi-dedicated web hosting or a "professional" or business-class plan.


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    That cat won't sit on a cold stove either." - Mark Twain

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      That's what I've been suspecting! I'm just not seeing the performance downside that people complain about with shared hosting. I guess I settled on a good host and good plan.
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    Consider using cloudflare instead - it will speed up your site, add DOS protection, AMP support and more. You only really need VPS if you have the need to run certain software needs or need a dedicated server because you sites too slow when under your peak traffic.
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