How to make a website design attractive?

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I often get stuck in website designing. Kindly suggest me from where I should take the references?

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    Could you elaborate more, what is the type of services your website is offering? Is it an eCommerce website? A Streaming video website? A gaming website? It could be even a blog.

    Designing a website goes through many steps and one of them is to the audience study (Who are your visitors and why do they browse your website? What are they looking for?)

    Now to answer your question (generally); quite few people opt for CMS solutions (mostly Wordpress) Wordpress themes offers nowadays a lot of options to help you "design" your website. One of these options are the Demo layouts. The theme developers have already done the hardest part which is thinking of an attractive style, the only thing left for you is to change their content (text, images, descriptions...with yours).

    You can also (always on Wordpress) take a look at a plugin (paid) called Visual builder / Wbakery builder. It's a drag & drop page builder that saves you a lot of time on the UI part so you focus more on the UX side.

    As I said, having an idea of what type of websites yours is will certainly help to understand better what you need exactly.
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    Do you get stuck because you lack the skills or creativity?

    Skills - be prepared to put the time in or find a partner/outsource in some other way

    Creativity - Look around at other websites. Not just sites in your niche. There are so many examples of great sites on the web now days it won't be too hard to find.

    Beyond that going to need more info about your situation.
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    Before you design a website, you need to look at other similar websites. You can pick the attractive color combination or can add latest effects to make it more functional.

    Wordpress is good option, if you want to design full-featured and attractive websites. It has several themes and plugins to make your website visually attractive.
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    Usually keep it simple is better...functionality above lot's of WOW items

    Unless you want a flashy site on purpose ...go for clean and simple to use

    My 2 cts

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    What's the reason behind why you're getting stuck? Is it because of your lack of knowledge in web designing? Do you run out of creative juices? -Micah
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    It's a good question. As a beginner, everyone faces this problem they get confused about the design concept. I had also this problem. But now I recover it.

    I have a suggestion for you:
    You should take a look every day on different kinds of website and demo, template and read the current website design UI/UX then you will get huge idea about the design.

    Though if you don't have much time then you should spend 2 days in a week for look around and see what other people do.

    I hope this will help you. Just follow this little simple step then after 2-4 weeks you will get huge idea about the design concept.
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    You can get inspiration from popular websites of your website's niche.
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    This actually depends on the kind of website you're trying to build. Is it a simple blog? Is it for your business? Just like what everybody else is suggesting, try to see your competitor's pages, so you can have some inspiration. -Micah
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    As you are not spending much time in writing your perfect problem in this thread, I think you will also not spend on designing your website even half of time you took to write here. In case you want to learn or want your website design, you should hire some professionals or experts online who will serve you professionally even in low budget. My reference is go for Affordable & Responsive Web Design in Auckland.
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    You can design user friendly. Its most attract the user
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    Better hire people who can do that job for you. Onlinejobs has thousands of workers who has the expertise in this field. Ask them for their portfolios and you can choose which worker will suit the needs of your business.
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    Web designing is a huge field of variants. You should be confident in what you need and what to do. I know one UX designer which posted an article about this job and the way to success in it. He works in ux design agency dc and knows a lot about web designing. I'm sure it will be interesting for you to read.
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    A potentially good way to setup websites that are attractive from the start is to model one or more popular websites that are in your niche. They may have already done the testing and have an audience that may have validated the fact that the design is fine. You may have a list of things that are needed for a website to look like a popular site and then get items checked as you complete them.
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    Hi Pryanka,

    One of the best ways to build an attractive website is to make it as simple as possible.

    A tiny bit of text. Plenty of white space. Not much else.

    Lean and mean.

    My friend Adam at Blogging Wizard has such a site:

    Ditto for my friend Zac at Blogging Tips:

    Blogging Tips for Your Everyday Blogger -

    And again, my friend Matthew at Build Your Own Blog does this well too:

    Simple. Clean. Clear. No filler. No fear of missing out. No fear of loss. No excess or extra. Streamlined. Sleek. Powerful. Attractive.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Just Understand Theory Of Web Design You will never ever gonna stuck again: -
    Web design is less creative than you may believe, it is actually more like a science. There is a reason that so many websites follow a similar formula when it comes to places such as menus, lookbooks and contact links. Users have learned to use the web in a certain way and if you divert too much from this formula then the usability of a site will decrease. Here are some of the core basics which a web design expert will instinctively be able to pinpoint whilst assessing or redesigning a store.

    Proportion and Balance
    Contrast and Colour

    These basics work together to create an eye-pleasing result. If any of these factors are in any way then it may leave the user with a negative experience. Get them right, and your design will still be effective even if it is basic. There are some more advanced design theories that a web design expert will also have the knowledge to utilize such as:

    Custom images (more details below)
    Stylistic web designs
    How these design theories work best together

    Ethan Roots
    Techtiq Solutiion
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    I use attractive templates for my site being more attractive, Like you can have my site
    counsellorshome and recipearcade
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    Please Take a look on the web for attractive one, then u can understand what type of design u need for.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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