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It seems that Google have been hard with the issue of secure connections and have already announced that its popular Chrome browser, mark as unsafe Webs that do not have an SSL security certificate installed from January 2017.

For some time, Google has made sure that https connections become a standard on the Internet and have already taken the first step to achieve it.

Which SSL certificate are you using ? Free o pay for them?

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    Yes, google chrome version 68 has already started to show 'Not Secure' warning in the browser for non http website. So enabling SSL certificate on the website is must to avoid this type of security warning especially when you have an e-commerce business.

    I am using paid SSL certificate because I wanted technical support to install SSL. You can use free SSL certificates if you are aware of how to install it. Checkout this resource
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    I support google's decision!
    i ternet is full of hackers and scam so it would be much better to keep your credit card safe

    I use paid one on my website
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    Yes google chrome is showing Not secure for the websites have that have not SSL Certificate. A Website made for selling services or products should have SSL Certification. But I you are a blogger then there is no need for this certification.
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    Hello All,

    This is Stephen from Amazing 7 Studios. I would like to tell you that SSL certificate is very important for the any website. SSL gives our sites a different security level. Basically the full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layers. In the present time, Google also considers SSL enabled sites more valuable comparatively Non-SSL sites. Google also has launched an update on it for the same. So, purchase the SSL and make your website more secure.
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    it doesn't matter if you use free or paid - either one is acceptable - the free ones expire every 3 months usually so you just have to update them.

    The best free one I have used is:
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    Getting a paid ssl service is the best option according to me. Because using a free version will not make you to work properly.
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    What is the process behind buying a paid version of ssl certificate? Is there any special option in that?
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    A paid SSL certificate is better than a free SSL certificate. A Paid SSL certificate comes with many additional security features like free site seal, warranty, unlimited reissue and the most important technical support. Furthermore, now paid SSL certificates are not so costly as before. You can get it under $10 (comodo ssl store) with all these essential features.
    In short, I support both Google's security update as well as paid SSL certificate.
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    SSL Certificate is not using to get good social media reach or to improve link viral rate, but they are using to secure communication between browser (Client) and web server.

    SSL certificate enables green address bar and also displays organization name in certificate information; that indicated the business/website is legitimate and users don't need to worry about security of his personal data.

    Small business/information websites, Social Media Websites, Banking Website & other giant E-commerce websites are encrypted using SSL Certificate.

    If a Website is encrypted with SSL Certificate
    --> Secures Business transaction details
    --> Displays business is legitimate
    --> Eliminated chances of phishing attacks
    --> Increase user's Trust & Confidence
    --> Secure user's personal & sensitive information
    --> Keep hackers in a bay
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    Since 1st October 2017, Chrome browsers have warned visitors to all http:// websites that they are not secure and displays red Padlock in the Chrome Browser. If your site has an SSL Certificate and if its correctly installed you will see a green padlock.

    Google may penalize your site and this will affect your search ranking if your website is not compliant. Without an SSL Certificate, you run a massive risk of losing valuable business. Your website will show as not secure in browsers could be perceived by visitors or customers as not a legitimate business
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    You can use paid ssl certificate for your website. This will surly helps you to improve the process.
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    I dont think this ssl certificate will affect. If you are not confident about this then you can avoid using it.
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    For me, I run my traffic through Cloudflare and I use their Free SSL Service. For my hosting provider (FastComet) I had to make some changes to my htaccess file to ensure that all pages showed up as https.

    The entire process took less than 1 hour on a Sunday morning - and its well worth doing, to make your site more secure.

    TUTORIALS on Graphic Design and Web Design

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    Google had already started affecting the Websites without proper SSL on site and more from 17 Sep 18 too.
    Yes there are many sites offering Free SSL too like One said by @Karen
    Lets Encrypt is base of these things
    Many Domain Providers are also offering then Free if you have domains with them
    But lately as all Free things have some limitation & issue, these Free SSL to have like
    Limited Validity/ Very Low level of Validation/ Level of Trust/ Warranty/ Support / Customers see Fee Cert on E Commerce sites as a sign of Low trust.
    If you are on Commercial Selling & User Data Management then suggest to avoid Free SSL. If just want to showcase your work like Blogs/ Personal Website with No Identity Assurance than free SSL may work for you.
    Signature - Upto 75% Discount on SSL Certificates & Website Scanner. If you don't find what you looking for, raise a support query and we will get you that SSL Certificate.
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    SSL is really annoying since you have to host all your images or find a image service which uses SSL.

    Tbh I dislike the idea.
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    When it comes to choosing between a free or paid SSL, you have to know your content. Whether you are an individual blogger or a business like an e-commerce site. Free works fine for a blog as it provides Domain Validation(DV) and nothing else. While in the case of paid SSL certificates, verification of the identity of the website owner and the business is done by the Certificate Authority(CA) which ensures trust. And the validity period for free SSL is between 30-90 days, unlike paid SSL which gives you 1-2 years.
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