Which is the best Website structure for seo ??

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Hello warrior,

I m designing a website for yoga school can anybody please tell me any website structure suggestion ??
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    • hello thanks for your reply, there is upto 20 pages and many blog posts .can you please suggest me how to start with wordpress. how to categories them ..
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    Which CMS are you using? is it WordPress or custom? I recommend WordPress as its easy to set up. as far as website structure its very important for User experience purposes. The structure of your site should look like a pyramid with your homepage at the top, and some category pages beneath it and in the categories and subcategories, you should have some blog posts, pages or product pages.
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    • hello thanks for reply , i m using wordpress can you please post any specific structure type for wordpress wesbite ..also there is a problem with google indexing when i m using categories for pages google only index categories not pages ..
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    Use lesser Javascript code! Google crawler (Google bot) finds it difficult to crawl the Javascript.
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    • yes thanks for your valuable suggestion..please tell me if you know abut any google friendly website structure for wordpress
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        I am not sure! You need to read the Google's updates! That will help!
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    Hey first look at the other websites how they have designed so that you have a clear cut idea about what you want. Use WordPress and choose a Refreshing theme for your website. The Breadcrumbs should be clear and there should not be more than three steps to reach any page. Link the pages back to your home page and category page for better interlinking and give linking advantage to the home page.
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    If you are using Wordpress, then it is straightforward.
    When you add a new post, add that post in a relevant category page so it would help your users easily navigate from the category page.
    Always create categories so users can find what they are looking for.
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    • but after adding category google only shows category in link not complete post url

      like its showing : example.com/tag/yoga

      but my complete post is : example.com/tag/yoga/what_is_yoga_mean_for_yogis
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        Originally Posted by shailesh tripathi View Post

        but after adding category google only shows category in link not complete post url

        like its showing : example.com/tag/yoga

        but my complete post is : example.com/tag/yoga/what_is_yoga_mean_for_yogis

        Totally wrong structure.

        USE PAGES to create MAIN CONTENT on website like you want to build. Avoid using posts as these are primarily for blogging, or regularly adding new content.

        1. Create main pages to serve as the building blocks.

        2. Add sub-pages with secondary content with the main pages as the parent page.

        3. Your structure will now be like this:
        a) example.com/main-page
        b) example.com/main-page/sub-section-one
        c) example.com/main-page/sub-section-two

        I guess this is the ideal scenario for your current website.

        The following for blog posts only.

        1. Get SEO Yoast plugin. In the settings, remove the "Category" from slug.

        2. In WordPress settings, set the permalink to just post slug or category with post slug.

        Your post URL should be like: example.com/category/post-slug or example.com/post-slug

        3. Now, structure your blog post content in categories, and NOT with tags.

        4. Optionally, add the breadcrumb links on each page.

        >> Web Design, Wordpress Development & SEO - XtraPunch.com <<
        Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    From all my past experiences I've noticed that WordPress has best website SEO Structure. It offers various functionalities which are SEO friendly as per search engine's guidelines.
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    Honestly, check out Pinterest and do a search for "website design".
    Get a LOT of inspiration from those designs that look amazing!
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    Simple and Understandable. More the simple lesser the bounce rate, Just try it
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    You need to change the Permalink structure in WordPress.

    Change it to "Post name"

    Go to your wordpress dashboard > settings > permalinks > postname > save.

    I suggest using Yoast SEO to Help in terms on optimization - as it will guide you what you need for onepage etc.

    You can also use Neil Patel's uber suggest tool for keyword research (important part in your organic search strategy)
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    I suggest you should go for elementor plugin with any starter theme.
    That way you'll have standard theme. You don't need to worry about standards as theme takes care of most of the parts.
    With Elementor plugin you'll get access to front end editing, so you'll be able to create pages with ease.
    I am saying elementor because it is fast and standard. Google likes faster loading websites and it is well structured.

    If you missed some seo guidelines like no h1 tags, h2 before h1 tag, missing alt tag you can fix it easily to make it google friendly.
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    The best way to optimize your website it should be mobile friendly, user engagement.
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    Focus on a good user experience and good interface. And off-course you have to create all the content SEO optimized.
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    I think more clarity on what you mean by "structure for SEO" would be helpful, but you can always try logging into Google Webmaster Tools and submitting each post individually.

    Our job is to make you look good! DigitalDesignMasters.com

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    "Google Webmaster Tools" is the best website structure for SEO. Because it can be user friendly in nature.
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    Consider following points for good website structure.

    1. Unique content on every single page and remove old content.
    2. Web page links within your site are complete.
    3. All images within descriptive alt tags.

    ***Good website structure leads great user experience.
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    Wordpress is the best CMS for SEO. It's easy to use and have a lot of SEO plugin to rank a site easily.
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    I think you most use try moz.com
    moz.com give best information for you
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    The wesite structure plays an important role in SEO.use wordpress and choose a refreshing theme for your site.
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    Use lesser Javascript code! Google crawler (Google bot) finds it difficult to crawl the Javascript.. Give quality content for the website so that only google can index your website .
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    Hello first take a gander at different sites how they have planned with the goal that you have an obvious thought regarding what you need. Use WordPress and pick a Refreshing subject for your site. The Breadcrumbs ought to be clear and there ought not be multiple means to achieve any page. Connection the pages back to your landing page and classification page for better interlinking and give connecting favorable position to the landing page.
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    Use WordPress as your platform, it can be easily customized. there are plenty of themes and plugin in Health & Yoga niche that will help achieve the structure you want:

    check those out, maybe you will get an idea of your structure.
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    Before putting an investment. I would recommend you to reflect o certain things like color, structure, and functionality. Website structure should be like a simple story. A classic website has a heading with a menu leading you to one page or another.
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    For easily Google bots, SEO structure its important thing to know. For example in main menu. Generally, the main menu like : home, about, contact, products, etc. After that, you can devide into some categories, based on your products or information you will to publish. And if you use the Wordpress CMS, permalink structure is important to choose, because in the permalink any some choice for you.
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    Best website structure means a better user experience, analysis and better search engine optimization. Follow the structure of the silo because it creates a strong theme related to the keywords on the site, which makes it more user-friendly for SEO.
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  • A good site structure provides your site with sitelinks.
    Sitelinks are a listing format in the SERPs that show your site's main page along with several internal links indented below. You've seen them before. Sitelinks are a huge SEO advantage.
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    When you are developing a website using Wordpress, there's not much to worry, other than you keep a check on url structures, redirection and navigation.

    You need to check permalinks, canonical structure and less redirection as that tends to reduce the overall performance of website. Moreover, try to make use of less plugins as else it may lead to problems thereafter.
    Thoughtful Minds - All about SEO, Digital Marketing and Content
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  • The website structure plays an important in SEO. It is good for great user experience. There are some rules that you need to follow while structuring your website.

    The rules are as follows:

    1. Plan Before You Do

    2. Symmetry Is Key

    3. Pay Attention to Page Slugs

    4. Make Your Menu Front and Center

    5. Keep It Simple

    Just by following the above mentioned rules you can properly structurise your website.
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    The higher the quality of your website or blog structure, the greater your chance of ranking higher ´╗┐within the´╗┐ major search engines. Every website has a "structure." It may be a inquisitive and structured, or it may be a disorganized jumble of pages. If you're intentional and careful on your site structure, you certainly will develop a site that achieves search excellence
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    Make proper sections for all the services, make quality content for all the landing pages, make proper heading tags for every page, stuff keywords in the content.
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    Use lesser Javascript code! Google crawler (Google bot) finds it difficult to crawl the Javascript.
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