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Your business website is arguably your virtual storefront. And just like in a real, physical store, bad websites mean less web traffic, and a high bounce rate. Here's an infographic from Red Website Design on designing an effective website.

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    I like how this encourages others to build an email list
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  • Thanks for sharing such a amazing infographic on trending topic with us. Really Informative would love to read more on the same!!
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    I like Infographic for the perfect Digital marketing
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    Very nice infographics for Digital Marketing niche. Infographics helps us easy to understand.
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    The whole information on graphic design is classic. Effective web design is very much necessary for the progress of the web. Progress of website here means catching more traffic to your site resulting in the desired sales. Improved web designs are crucial for web development.

    Best Regards
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    For the infographic over here, it is very clear to understand. But the thing is all the methods are working for bring clients?
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    I will forever be grateful to you for your help. Thank you!
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    Pretty comprehensive and well-detailed infographic. Thanks
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    Nice tips for an effective website design...
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    Hey, thanks for sharing this infographic. I'm a web designer myself and I'm looking to add content into my blog. Can I share this infographic in my (link removed) website? It'll be cool if yes. If no, then that's fine too.
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    The tips here look really nice even though they are not that unique. But what I would add is designing things on your own (doesn't matter whether it's a website, an ad banner, anything else) it's extremely difficult to do competently on your own.
    Designing isn't my strong suit and that's why I've always been working with specialists in this field. I started with freelancers, then when I got bigger and thus could afford more I hired a designer. Then back to poverty because of designers' salary (well, not poverty, I exaggerate a bit) and now I'm subscribed to Awesomic services which is for me the best choice when it comes to value for money.
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    But what about file size 726 kb of this infographics how to reduce..
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    Nice info. Website needs to be Conversion focussed with right use of CTA's.
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