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Hello all !

I want to redirect a domain I have for about 6 months (new domain) to another domain I have owned for about 7 years (old domain).

Both domains have a completely different topic (niche), so I want to keep my old domain name, remove all the content on it and have the new domain content running in the old domain.

My questions: Which one is the best approach to do this:

Remove all the content in the old domain and permanently redirect new domain to old domain (at domain level). Do this at once.

Gradually remove the content in the old domain and also gradually redirect all the urls in the new domain to the old domain.

That's all.
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    I would gradually shift the niche by slowly adding the content from one domain to the other and also slowly removing the existing domain. This way, search engines will record the changes slowly, rather than looking like just another attempt to use an authority domain to trick google into ranking on a very different niche
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    1. Transfer your new site to the old domain. If you are using WordPress, simply configure your hosting and change the domain in WordPress admin. Retain the same URL structure on old domain. So, mynewsite(.)com/some-thing should become myoldsite(.)com/some-thing
    2. Redirect the new domain to old domain with 301 (permanent) redirection with wild cards to redirect all URLs to your old domain.
    3. Redirect missing URLs on the old domain to the homepage of the old domain so as to continue benefiting from old links.
    4. No need to do all of the task manually or gradually. Search engines will automatically detect the change and your new site will be replaced with old site -- with your new content.
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    You can transfer your new site to the old domain and you can also shift the niche by gradually adding the content from one to another domain. This is a great way to record the changes slowly. This is a useful tip to use an authority domain to get better ranking.
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    There are three ways to redirect your old website to new
    1. 301 redirect- which is a permanent redirect. It is one of the mostly used redirects where your website is fully redirected to the new one.
    2. 302 redirect- which is a temporary redirect where there is the intention of moving back to the old URL.
    3. By setting up a page with a greeting message like the original URL has moved, you're now being redirected.
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