How to tell the visitors that there is free content to read

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The context:
  • A website offers free and premium content
  • The user (from Google SERP) enters the website in search of images or videos
  • Images and videos are premium
  • The user does not understand that beyond images and videos there is high-quality textual content to read (for free)
  • The user leaves the website (and Google think that the page is not worthy)
  • The fact is that instead, the user that comes for example from Instagram (and knows that there is something interesting to read), arrives and reads everything to the bitter end (no matter the length! remaining on the single page even 30+ minutes!)

The question is: how to visually tell the visitor that there is something good to read for free (before he escapes)?
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    First of all the infographics are the best choice to represent something for getting more user interaction ...
    Create a thumbnail image for your content that describes the content in a very good manner.
    Create well-organized navigation for the content.
    you need to optimize the content with fresh updates.
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    Start promoting in social media with a small snippet.
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    social media campaigns are very important and useful in such cases.
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    Lay everything out in an infographic. You don't have to upfront tell them that your content is free.
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    You may begin marketing your article on social media and infographics with a tiny sample.

    SEO & Graphic Design (clipping path services) Expert

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    You can add infographics and images for that.
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    You can use infographics to tell the visitors how can they read the free content available on the web.
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