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Hi All,

Have all these great sites and blogs and dreaming (nightmare) about my Hosting falling over in the current climate.

What is the best way that I can do the automatic backups for MySQL, as the manual process is a full time job?

Thanks plenty.

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    Hi Carey, you can use the mysqldump command to do a database export.

    Put that command along with your login info and database name and output filename into a .sh file.
    Then create a cron job that runs every night that calls this script.

    Make sure the script runs ok first before adding it to a nightly cron.
    Also remember that every time it runs it will overwrite the previous backup file unless you add a timestamp to the filename.

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    Thanks Guys, appreciate your help.
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    What it is that I am after is a recommendation for something that is a gui based tool to backup multiple sites/databases remotely, any suggestions?
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      Thanks Jeff,

      Great solution, only problem is that we are not based in the US and it will not work without a US phone number and address for registration.

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    I use

    This is on my VPS, and I run it out of cron. But, it should also work on shared hosting.
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    If your blogs are using self hosted Wordpress, there is a great little utility plug-in I use called WP-DBManager. I have it scheduled to backup my databases at regular intervals and the script emails me the backup file.

    You can get it here PHP Programming Portfolio |
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    Well sometimes it depends on the kind of sites.

    If it is dynamic and you are updating it on daily basis then daily or weekly backups will do great.
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      I had a similar query on the Warriors Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum here -

      Database Backup Generator - was one of the solutions mentioned.
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        You know, backups really depend on the level you are at. If you are hosting less then 10 sites, then using plugins and the such is reasonable.

        IMHO, if you are approaching 10 sites or have many more, DON'T DO THAT!!!! It'll be like hitting yourself with a bat if you ever have to recover!!! I've been there and it was FOUR DAYS OF HELL!

        Ahhh, I feel much better! I took a look at the cpanel backup software and I'm going to give it a wack. Backing up cpanel is the way to go! I recommend getting an account with S3 Amazon as the storage center. You will definitely be much better off. Your data will now reside on two different locations.

        Again, my 2 cents, but for me, anything automated and complete is the way to fly.

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