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I have changed my site to articledashboard script.

The previous article script I used broke and I couldn't fix despite contact with original vendor.

I have thousands of articles to re sync to my new database.

meantime, I need advice on the design.

Currently it is default articledasboard and sucks big time.

Does any one either have any AD templates going, or point me in the direction of AD tempalte designer?

My site is

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    have you tried this one.

    It is really easy to install and get up and running.

    You need the theme and the plugin, and have to download the theme from the website from what I can tell. It doesn't seem to be available in the wordpress theme repository.
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    Hi, I use Joomla and have article script called article factory. Not sure if you wanted to use joomla. You can have a look at my site - Article Directory - which I have just finished and starting to launch. Best thing about Jooomla is I can use any templates and have control over the script. The script is pretty basic though nothing special, but does what i need it to do. I am sure if you find it suitable but there is no harm in looking.
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      Great site.

      One of the nicest interfaces for an article directory I have seen.
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    Thank you arttse for you review and comments

    I cannot PM yet so I will answer you PM here. I guess I initially wanted to prevent spamming and people signing up just to submit their site, but I will now reconsider the point you have made and may change the condition :confused:. It's always great to hear from a third party what they think. Thanks once again!
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      Originally Posted by winwell View Post

      Thanks for the suggestions - i will look into them
      Hi Winwell,

      I can build you the entire site and design based on Wordpress so you can be sure it will never break and will always get support and updates.
      It can also be built with powerful SEO and Social Media tools integrated on top of that, based on my worpress power package that you can see on my signature below.

      articledashboard script is an encrypted script and you're forced to link to them for free... :rolleyes: - and it doesn't have SEO and Social Media tools integrated.

      You can contact me at or skype or msn see the left panel.

      Best regards,

      Andre Foisy
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      Originally Posted by bestdeveloper View Post

      Hey-hey!! Looks like you really need a help with design, cuz idea of your website indeed is great, useful and interesting but design...weak. So, I can offer you my help as I'm a webdesigner, so everything will be done in shortest terms. You can check out
      stuff that I usually do, hope you will find smth suitable for you and accept my offer to assist you)

      Well, wish you good luck and hope to hear from you very soon!
      Well, well..

      I was looking at the "stuff you usually do" but I see nothing more than
      "stuff" on a templates reseller's web site. What is it that YOU usually do?

      Best regards,

      Andre Foisy
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          Originally Posted by bestdeveloper View Post

          Hello, Andre!!
          Well, this is my website, and I do design and programming of that templates and then I sell them or present...That's "stuff I usually do", why? What about you? I feel some sarcastic note in your post toward me. I dont understand why my post make you so nervous? In anyway, its nice to meet you Hope we will be frens See ya!

          LOL, Hell no! why would your post makes me nervous!!?
          Are you paranoïd? :p

          No sarcasms at all, it's only the way you posted your reply I wanted to see
          your work as I sometimes outsource designers myself, I thouht I was going
          to see your work not a resllers templates site. That's why I asked.

          So, any work from you to show? Let me know

          Best regards,

          Andre Foisy

          P.S.: What about me? Some smart guy would find out about me in a few seconds...
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