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by adamcm
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Hi all,

I'm not sure if I can explain myself properly but will try. I just purchased a domain name and installed wordpress. I wanted to post an article to the site bit didn't want it to be posted as a seperate URL. Each time I create a post the URL becomes: http://mysite.com/postname. I would like this post to simply be on http://mysite.com.

Is this possible? How can I do this within wordpress?

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    If you want the same URL for every new article two options come to mind:

    Both would use the feature where you can set a specific page to be your home page.

    1. You can create a new page and set it as the home page, and EDIT the page (replacing all the text) with each new article.

    2. You can create new pages each time, but manually change the "home page" setting to the newest article.

    Now... as I write a "high tech" solution comes to mind...

    3. You could have a Wordpress programmer create a special page template that displays the text of the NEWEST post at all times. That special page would be located at the home url, but would always be displaying the most recent article. It wouldn't be so different from the usual front page, but you could remove the title link and the "older posts" link so it looks like one static article.

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    you can ask any coder to modify the wordpress theme file to display the latest post on home page. coder can set the post loop to only one count.
    its a very small modification, if you want, let me know.
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    Actually i believe the functionality you are looking for is already in place if you merely mark the post as "sticky":

    When you're in edit mode, to the right of the screen, you'll see an option that says "Visibility." Hit the word "edit" next to that word and you'll see the option to "Stick this post to the front page." After you check that box, be sure to hit "OK" to complete the process. Then "update" the post.

    This will force the post to be the first item returned in the loop thus keeping it on your main page.
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      It's simple to make a static landing page in WordPress...
      1. In the sidebar, go to Pages --> Add New
      2. Enter your content --> Publish
      3. In the sidebar, go to Settings --> Reading
      4. Change the radio button to static page and then choose the Page you want to be the landing page...
      5. Done!
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